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Academic Plan


 DPS Academic Plan


Academic Non-Negotiables


Academic performance is measured using the new state report card. The following six state-established categories will be used to measure academic performance:


Achievement – measures how well students are doing on two standards of success. Gap Closing – examines whether students in all racial and demographic groups are making gains.

Graduation Rate – determines how well the district is doing in helping students earn diplomas.

Progress – measures how well the district helps students of all abilities grow academically.

K-3 Literacy – looks at how many students in kindergarten through grade three are on track in reading.

Prepared for Success – measures students’ college and career readiness.


The district’s goal of ensuring all students are career and college ready is driven by the strategies embedded in the district’s Academic One Plan. The following key performance indicators (KPI’s) and targets are used to monitor our progress in achieving non-negotiables and strategies.



Academic Achievement Measures


Through the Academic Plan, we will monitor district-wide progress using key performance indicators (KPI’s) to improve student outcomes. Staff will engage in the process illustrated below to monitor performance, identify needs, and collect evidence to inform decisions, intervene and measure effectiveness.


Measure Effectiveness - Clear learning targets are set to monitor academic performance

Monitor Performance - Collect and document evidence of progress

Identify Areas of Improvement - Analyze data to determine how to meet the targets or to provide enrichment

Intervene - Provide interventions to meet the needs of the learner


Repeat the cycle for continuous improvement.




The district has a detailed, state-approved Technology Plan to guide technology acquisitionand implementation. Technology is a tool to support teaching and learning; therefore, from an instructional perspective, technology focuses on three issues:


  • Teacher Support Technologies
  • Learner Support Technologies
  • Shared Support Technologies


The Technology Plan includes details regarding technology and how it supports both curriculum and instruction. Components of the plan describe curriculum alignment and instructional integration strategies for English/language arts, fine arts, foreign language, mathematics, science, social studies and technology. The plan addresses five phases of technology integration, which will be incorporated into DPS curriculum as appropriate.







Dayton Public Schools provides a high-quality education in a safe environment that prepares our students for success in school, work and life by providing a highly effective trained staff working each day with community resources.