Contract with the Community

Setting a Standard

DPS Contract with the Community

In 2008, the Dayton Board of Education approved a Strategic Plan and Contract with the Community. The intent of the Contract was to establish an Accountability Committee which would be responsible for monitoring the district’s progress on a quarterly and annual basis. By 2014, the following goals would be met: 

  1. 80%  of the district’s students to be proficient in reading and math by 2013
  2. The district would be rated Continuous Improvement
  3. The district would implement efficiencies which would reduce the cost of transportation and the reliance of the general fund to subsidize Nutrition Services.

Although the district did not meet all of the targets, highlights of achievement over the five-year period from 2008 to 2013 include:

The district remains committed to continuous improvement so that all students have access to high-quality education.  However, we cannot do this work alone.  Therefore, Dayton Public Schools recommends the following Contract with the Community encompassing 2014 – 2019.

I.  Dayton Public Schools will provide quality classroom instruction to…

  1. Ensure that ALL students grow at least one academic year annually and are taught by effective teachers.
  2. Ensure that 80% of students are proficient on all state-mandated achievement tests.
  3. Ensure that 80% of students graduate on time and ready for post-secondary or career opportunities.
  4. Achieve a “C” or better on all Report Card categories.
  5. Provide quarterly and annual reports to the community on academic, operational and financial status.  Financial metrics will include:  1) per-pupil expenditures will be at or below the midpoint of the Ohio 8 Coalition and 2) instructional percentage of the budget will be above the median of the Ohio 8 Coalition.

II.  The Community will…

  1. Advocate for high-quality, affordable early childhood education.
  2. Advocate for youth and adult literacy
    • Summer academic and recreational programs
    • Before/after/Saturday programs targeted at reading and math literacy
    • Children birth to grade three have access at home to age appropriate books.
  3. Partner with Dayton Public Schools to provide support services and college- and career-ready opportunities for students
    • Mentors
    • Internships
    • College-readiness support (college fairs and college tours)
    • Invest in schools as community centers

  III.  Families will…

  1. Ensure children enter kindergarten ready to learn
  2. Participate in parent/teacher conferences
  3. Ensure children attend school daily and are prepared to learn

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