Attendance area presentations offered at priority board meetings


Research has shown that neighborhood schools help to foster family-friendly environments, encourage community support, enrich quality of life and improve student achievement.  Likewise, Dayton Public Schools believes neighborhood schools can be a catalyst for a new sense of ownership and involvement that will lead to stronger schools and greater academic success.

DPS Deputy to the Superintendent Lori Ward will speak to Dayton residents, beginning this week, about the advantages of strong neighborhood schools as she presents the concept of attendance areas at priority board meetings in June and July and asks for citizens’ comments.

Attendance area map
List of priority board meeting presentations (also see below)

Additional meetings for community input will be scheduled and publicized over the coming months.

“Strong neighborhoods are anchored with strong schools, and strong neighborhoods build a strong city,” Ward said.

The district is proposing neighborhood-based attendance areas for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. How the attendance areas will be implemented has not yet been determined. School officials will hear from DPS stakeholders over the next six months before making a recommendation to the board for implementation in the 2011-2012 school year.

“We want to hear from our families, staff, daycare providers and other stakeholders; they will think of questions we will not,” Ward said during a May board meeting. “I expect there will be some element of grandfathering; this [full implementation] will not happen overnight.”

The process for assigning students will depend, in part, on input received from the community.

Under the proposed plan, students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight would go to a school near their home in one of 17 attendance areas.  The plan also includes seven district-wide schools: Charity Adams Earley Girls Academy, Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy, River’s Edge Montessori, and DPS Preschool Academy at Jackson, which district families may select regardless of their home address, and Gardendale Academy, Gorman and Longfellow Learning Academy, to which students are assigned by the district.

The district’s six high schools are not part of the attendance area plan.

The plan is aligned with the district’s strategic goals of high-quality education and excellent customer service. The attendance areas are intended to increase local resources and opportunities for students at the neighborhood level and enhance student safety and transportation efficiency. 



Priority Board Time Location
June 3 Northeast 7 p.m. 359 Maryland Ave.
June 7 Innerwest 6:30 p.m. 1024 W. Third St.
June 9 FROC 6 p.m. 903 W. Fairview Ave.
June 15 Southwest 5:30 p.m. Thurgood Marshall HS
4447 Hoover Ave.
June 23 Northwest 6 p.m. Northwest Rec Center
1600 Princeton Drive
July 1 Southeast 7 p.m. 2160 E. Fifth St.
July 12 Downtown 4 p.m. 101 W. Third St.
Attendance area presentations offered at priority board meetings