Application for free and reduced-price meals


Dayton Public Schools has announced its 2004-2005 school-year policy for participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program.

The Dayton Board of Education will begin its 10th year in a program that makes breakfast and lunch available to all elementary students, as well as students attending Wilbur Wright Middle School, at no charge. Also, for the first time, middle and high school students receive breakfast at no charge. Lunch may be purchased for $1.60 per day. The reduced-price lunch is 40 cents per day. Extra milk is sold for 40 cents per carton. Parents of middle school and high school students are asked to complete a meal application and return it to their youngest child’s school cafeteria within three days.

Income eligibility guidelines for free or reduced price meals or free milk
Effective July 1, 2004, through June 30, 2005

Household Size | Annual | Monthly | Weekly
1 | $17,224 | $1,436 | $332
2 | $23,107 | $1,926 | $445
3 | $28,990 | $2,416 | $558
4 | $34,873 | $2,907 | $671
5 | $40,756 | $3,397 | $784
6 | $46,639 | $3,887 | $897
7 | $52,522 | $4,377 | $1,011
8 | $58,405 | $4,868 | $1,124

For each addition family
member, add: +5,883 +491 +114
Application forms are being distributed to all homes in a letter to parents or guardians. Additional copies are available in the cafeteria at each school. A complete application is required. Households that currently receive food stamps or OWF funds for a child must provide the child’s name, the food stamp or OWF case number, and signature of an adult household member on the application. All households must provide the names of all household members, the social security number of the adult signing the application (state "none" if the adult does not have a number), the amount and source of income received by each household member (state the monthly income), and the signature of an adult household member. If any of this information is missing, the application cannot be processed.

The information provided on the application is confidential and will be used only for the purpose of determining eligibility for free or reduced price meals or other supplemental educational programs. To discourage the possibility of misrepresentation, the application forms contain a statement certifying that all information furnished is true and correct. Applications are being made in connection with the receipt of federal funds. Schools or other officials may check the information on the application at any time during the school year. Deliberate misrepresentation of information may subject the applicant to prosecution under applicable state and federal laws.

Households will be notified of the approval or denial of benefits. If a child is approved for free or reduced-price benefits, the Nutrition Services Department (542-3970) must be informed when a household's income increases by more than $50 per month ($600 per year) or when household size decreases. If a food stamp or OWF fund case number is listed, the household must notify the Nutrition Services Department when it no longer receives food stamps or OWF funds.

Foster children are also eligible for these benefits regardless of household income.

If a family has foster children living in the household, they may obtain meals by returning a completed meal application to the lunchroom manager at the student’s school.

Under the provisions of the policy, the Application Coordinator (approving official) will review applications and determine eligibility. If a parent or guardian is dissatisfied with the decision on the application, or with the result of verification, the decision may be discussed with the approving official on an informal basis.
If a formal appeal is desired, the household has a right to a fair hearing. A fair hearing can be requested orally or in writin

Application for free and reduced-price meals