Students win big in MLK creative competition




Drawing inspiration from an enduring message of peace and equality, Dayton Public Schools students took home 28 of 39 grade awards and seven of 12 grade-group awards during the 24th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Art, Poetry and Prose Contest.

The students’ works were chosen from entries throughout the Miami Valley.  Judges selected 12 grade-level winners in the contest (kindergarten-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) in three categories. The DPS grade-group winners, who received plaques and $25 checks, are Tyrell Waters (Rosa Parks) and Adam Flee (Belmont) – art; Dennver Denby (Westwood), Te’Andre Martin (Patterson-Kennedy) and Brent Vineyard (Dunbar) – poetry; and Michaisa Gregory (Rosa Parks) and Zakiyah Liggins (Meadowdale High) – prose.

Entrants for the art, poetry and prose competition incorporated one of 10 topics as the theme for their work, including “What We Still Must Overcome,” “Dr. King’s Hopes for the 21st Century” and “Lessening Violence in My Neighborhood.”  Entries were judged using five criteria: knowledge of Dr. King and the ongoing struggle for human rights, originality, creativity, effort and neatness.

Dayton Public Schools art, poetry and prose grade-level winners (listed below) were awarded certificates of merit at the awards ceremony.  The teachers of all recognized students also received certificates of appreciation.

Grade        Student                      Teacher                           School

   K            D’Laquan White          Mary Bonosky                 Westwood
   1            Keiona Williams          Bobbie Bolinger                Earley Academy for Girls
   3            Maya Randolph           Angie Coomer                  Earley Academy for Girls
   5            Michael Youngblood    Vonda Wood Smith           Dayton Boys Prep Academy
* 6             Tyrell Waters              Lela Williams                   Rosa Parks
**7            Timara Evans              Margaret Wood                Gardendale
   9            Flaubert Nelson          Margaret Wood                Gardendale
*10            Adam Flee                 Carol Rogers                    Belmont
  11            Lakithia Reynolds      Carol Rogers                    Belmont
  12            Stacy Baker              Carol Rogers                    Belmont

Recognition: Jaycee Wade           Allison Wantz                  Meadowdale PK-8

   K            Jayla Floyd                Mary Bonosky             &nb

Students win big in MLK creative competition