Board moves meetings to 115 S. Ludlow




When the gavel comes down to open the Dayton Board of Education’s Feb. 3, 2009, information meeting, board members and citizens will be gathered in a new meeting place: 115 S. Ludlow St., where all future board meetings, with few exceptions, will be held.

The meeting space-1,360 square feet at the northeast corner of the Dayton Public Schools administration building-also will serve as the site for district-wide principals meetings, professional training for DPS staff, and many other uses.

Movement of the board meetings from Jackson Center on Abbey Avenue, now a preschool, to the administration building on Ludlow Street returns the school’s auditorium to the Jackson staff and students for full use in scheduling school programs and events.  

Attrition and rightsizing of the district’s central office-allowing the leasing in November of the district’s additional office space at 136 S. Ludlow to Premier Health Partners for just over $500,000 a year-have led to consolidation of staff at 115 S. Ludlow.  

The new space brings school board meetings to a central location that is more accessible for members of the public, near RTA routes and with parking behind the administration building off Fifth Street (between Fourth and Fifth streets). The public can enter at a separate Fourth Street entrance or at the Ludlow Street entrance near Fourth Street.  

No levy funds were used for the new meeting space. Renovation was done with capital improvement funds, which are not part of the general fund operating budget or the district’s new school construction budget.


Board moves meetings to 115 S. Ludlow