Count Week is Feb. 2-6




When students miss school, they miss out.  But when teachers take attendance Monday morning (Feb. 2), the Ohio Department of Education will be attaching a dollar figure to each and every student to determine how much funding Ohio’s public schools will receive.  Count Week is Feb. 2-6 in Dayton Public Schools and districts throughout the state.

According to a weighted formula used by the state, attendance figures recorded during Count Week last October determined 75 percent of each district’s funding, and February’s Count Week will determine the other 25 percent.  This is the third year that the state has mandated two separate Count Weeks.  February Count Week was added to provide the ODE a more accurate picture of each district’s student enrollment over the course of the school year.

Dayton Public Schools principals will shake things up a bit during Count Week with spirit week themes and some creative challenges to maintain perfect attendance.  In the past, school administrators have sat on rooftops, shaved their heads and taken hits with cream pies for student bodies that achieved high Count Week attendance rates.

“Good attendance plays a significant role in the success of a student,” Interim Superintendent Kurt Stanic said. “Parent involvement also is critical.  Parents can make sure that children get plenty of rest and come to school every day, on time and ready to learn-not just during Count Week, but every day during the school year.  We place a strong emphasis on attendance during Count Week, because there are millions of dollars in state funding at stake, funding that is needed for our primary mission, which is teaching and learning.”



Count Week is Feb. 2-6