DPS-TV programs available on Web




Can’t find time to catch the latest Dayton Board of Education meeting on DPS-TV? Too busy for that series on parenting?  Beginning this week, DPS-TV programming is available anywhere, anytime with the click of a mouse, thanks to on-demand programming.

“Viewers are no longer limited to what’s on cable when we schedule it; they can decide to watch our programs when it’s convenient for them,” DPS-TV Communications Team Leader Ken Kreitzer said.  “Now, a grandmother who lives in Florida can watch her granddaughter win a spelling bee, play in a school concert, or participate in a building dedication or scholars recognition just by logging on.”

The Web address for programs on demand is http://dpstv.pegcentral.com .  A menu of programs available for viewing is provided.  Categories include “concerts and plays,” “Dayton Board of Education meetings,” “graduations,” “groundbreakings and dedications,” “parenting information,” “press conferences,” “special events,” and “sports.”

DPS-TV Time Warner Channel 21 provides audiences in the city of Dayton and portions of Harrison Township with parent information, district news, school programs and student performances, Dayton Board of Education meetings, building dedications, community meetings and other events of public interest.

The new on-demand feature enables DPS to reach a broader audience (including those who do not subscribe to cable), while better serving current viewers with more options to access DPS-TV programming and keep up with district events and information.



DPS-TV programs available on Web