Attendance campaign concludes with student rewards


The district’s highly publicized and highly successful attendance campaign made ‘attendance’ the watchword for the 2003-2004 school year.

The Dayton Police Department and the Montgomery County Juvenile Court were
active partners in the effort, helping to spell out the consequences for nonattendance and truancy to students and their families. By mid-year, the truancy hotline staff had to recruit additional help to respond to calls, and classroom attendance was reaching new heights.

By mid-year, two more community partners stepped forward to provide attendance incentives for DPS students across the district.

Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions, with the help of K&G Bike Center, provided two bikes (a boy’s bike and a girl’s bike) to every elementary and middle school in the district. Students who achieve perfect attendance for at least one quarter were eligible for a bike give-away at the end of the year. Students’ names were entered one time for each quarter they achieved perfect attendance. On the last day of school, each elementary and middle school principal drew a boy’s name and a girl’s name to receive the new bikes.

For students in grades nine through 12, Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions and Hewlett Packard have partnered to provide two personal data assistants for each high school to award to one male and one female student who meet the quarterly attendance criteria.

"Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions, Hewlett Packard and K&G Bike Center of Dayton are proud to work with Dayton Public Schools on the perfect attendance bike and PDA give-away. We are committed to assisting Dayton Public Schools in their district initiatives," said Joe Fisher, program manager for Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions.

Actions taken during the year-long campaign are part of a 10-step plan developed by the DPS Attendance Task Force, under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent Debra Brathwaite. The task force, comprised of district educators and central office personnel, was assembled by Brathwaite to help focus district efforts on improving attendance.

"Our students need to be in class and on task every day to master the skills they need to graduate. Through good attendance, they develop lifelong habits that will help them succeed in school and beyond," said Brathwaite. "The support of our community partners has helped to make this year’s campaign successful, and we are grateful for their commitment to our young people."

Attendance campaign concludes with student rewards