Student Records

Information on how to obtain a copy of your DPS transcript, diploma, or school records can be found here.

Non-Graduate Records

All schools maintain records for their current students. A student’s record follows them to each Dayton Public School building they attend.

Open schools also maintain records for students who are not attending, who have left Dayton Public Schools, or non-graduating seniors.

Graduate Records

High schools that are open maintain records for their graduates. Requests for those records should be directed to the school.

Records for high schools that have closed can be requested from the Student Enrollment Center, (937) 542-5555.

Closed DPS and Charter Schools

Records for schools that have closed are located in the Student Enrollment Center and the Service Building.  Requests for these records should be directed to the SEC, (937) 542-5555.

Records Q&A



Where are records located?


Records for closed schools are the responsibility of the Student Enrollment Center.

Records for schools that are still open are at the schools no matter how old the record. If a school moved(s) into a new or refurbished building during the district’s building project from 2004-2012, the old student records are/will be housed with the Student Enrollment Center.

Some inactive records for students born 1/1/70 or later are at the Student Enrollment Center.


How can I get my records?


In person:
    Come to the Student Enrollment Office with a picture ID that includes your signature.

    Complete a Request for Transcript/Records form ; provide $5.00 (money order, cashier’s check or business check).

By mail:

    Mail signed release and $5.00 money order, cashier’s check or business check to:

        Student Enrollment Center
        Dayton Public Schools
        115 S. Ludlow Street
        Dayton OH 45402-1812

Release of Records form should include: student’s complete name at time of attendance, date of birth, name of school and approximate dates of attendance, year of graduation or withdrawal, signature, return address and phone number.


Can I be billed for the record?


No. Payment must be received before the transcript is released.


Can I get a copy of my husband’s (child’s/parent’s) record?


No. The 1974 Privacy Act prohibits the release of a record without the authorization of the individual. The individual may designate someone else to pick up the transcript by providing a written note signed and dated by the individual.


Will you accept a faxed release?


Yes, if all that’s required is verbal verification of attendance/graduation.

If a copy of a transcript is required, payment must be received prior to its release. Obviously, money orders, cashier’s checks and business checks cannot be faxed.


Can you tell me over the phone if someone graduated from XXXX High School?


Yes. The requester must first provide a valid release for educational records from the student. Verification can be made over the phone.  Any type of written (faxed) verification requires payment of $5.00 fee prior to release of written verification.


I am doing a genealogy search.  Can you tell me about my relatives?


Yes. The requester needs to provide a written request and $5.00 fee (payable to Dayton Public Schools by money order, cashier’s check, or business check). The request should contain the name of the individual being researched and the school he/she attended.

While it is not possible to provide a copy of the transcript because of the Privacy Act, we can provide directory information which includes the grade levels student attended in school, their parents’ names, their home address at the time they were in school, date of birth, and place of birth. All of this information is contingent upon its being recorded on the student record, of course.


Can you fax my transcript?


Records kept on microfilm do not fax well. A faxed copy would be a picture of a picture of the original record and is usually illegible after being faxed. Student records in cum folders may be more easily readable by fax. However, some employers, universities and colleges will NOT accept a faxed copy of a transcript, as it would not be an official transcript. Faxing a transcript also requires a $5.00 fee each time the transcript is faxed.


Can I request a copy of my shot record?


Yes. The records on microfilm will not have shot records. If we have your actual cum folder, your shot records may be in your file and we will be glad to provide you with a copy. Health/medical records, visual/hearing screenings and immunization records are not required by law to be a part of the student’s permanent record.


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