Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy FAQ

1. What is the Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy?
     The Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy is a structured, “online anytime” instructional program that allows students to work at their own pace on the courses of their choosing with the expectation of earning a Dayton Public Schools diploma.

2. Why should I consider the Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy for my child?
     Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy students have the opportunity to . . . 
●    Earn a diploma from their DPS high school of choice
●    Accelerate their path to graduation
●    Follow a flexible schedule that allows them to complete coursework at their most effective time of day
●    Enroll in courses that lead to college credit (Advanced Placement)
●    Participate in school sponsored athletics
●    Benefit from a student learning advocate who will guide the student throughout the entire program
     There is NO COST for the families of students enrolled in the program.

3. Who is eligible to attend Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy?
     In order to be eligible to attend, students must live within the Dayton Public Schools area of attendance and must be in grades 9–12 for the 2016–2017 school year.

4. How do I enroll?
     Students who are interested in the Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy should contact the DPS Student Enrollment Center at 937-542-5555 or call the academy office at 937-542-3131 for more information. Generally, if students are not currently enrolled in Dayton Public Schools, they must re-enroll and provide all necessary documentation. Students then meet with a counselor for course selection to ensure all coursework is consistent with graduation requirements.

5. Do students receive a computer device and internet access?
     All students are eligible to be provided a Chromebook and WiFi access. Parents must sign an acceptable use policy which will be supplied prior to receiving any equipment.

6. Are students able to work at their own pace?
     Yes. Apex Learning curricula allows for students to work at their own pace. There are not set class times that a student must be logged in. However, coursework must be completed within timeframes determined by DPS.  Students must demonstrate work within the system for a minimum number of hours per day based upon number of courses taken.

7. What are the attendance requirements?
     Students are required to log in and demonstrate progress daily.  Unit assessments must be monitored by a DPS teacher to be determined at school site.

8. Are teachers highly qualified?
     Yes. All instructors are highly qualified teachers.

9. How are state mandated test administered?
     The Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy coordinates with students for them to sit for mandatory state tests. Students may be required to report during specified timeframes when these tests are administered.

10. How can I learn more about the program?
     To learn more about the program, call 937-542-3131. 

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