Language Arts


The Week In Pictures
              Use this as a writing prompt or point of conversation, descriptive writing,
              current events.

Word Central
              Student dictionary, buzzword vocabulary word of the day; By subscribing to
              this website, you obtain a word of the day along with activities to use with
              that word (finding the meaning using context clues, word origin). Use for
              daily oral language activities.

Web English Teacher
              Links to resources for literacy, literature, grammar, Shakespeare, study
              guides, poetry, mythology, folklore and more.

Biography Maker
             These online lessons explain what a biography should be and walk writers
             through questioning, learning, synthesis, and storytelling. The site includes
             embedded links to relevant Internet resources and tips for effective writing.

Game Goo from Learning That Sticks
              Language arts activities with sound including letter recognition, antonyms,
              poetry concepts and more.

MPicture Dictionary

Good Night Stories
              An interactive site where students can write endings to stories, choose
              different directions within a story or create “mad lib” silly stories.

             Students can create strange animals and describe them or write a story for
             oral and written expression. Students can compare and contrast their
             creations with real animals and decide what features would be advantageous
             and which features would be a disadvantage for the animal. Teachers could
             tell students to create an animal that could do specific things or have the
             greatest ability in something.

             Write haikus, free verse, limericks, and cinquain.

Poetry Archive
             Click on poets to hear them read.

The Listening Booth
              Poetry read by poets

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