Math Sites


Math Contest 
             This site has problems of the week and brain teasers for both middle school
             and elementary level students. A Columbia University (Georgia) dean and
             professor have created this site with online puzzles and real-life math
             problems, with sections including "Problem of the Week," "Algebra in Action,"
             "Middle School Madness Math" and "Elementary School Brain Teasers."

             Online educational games that help in the learning of basic math, language
             arts, vocabulary and thinking skills.

Illuminations Marco Polo Math Activities
             A NCTM site and a “must have” in a math teacher’s toolbox.

Easy Worksheet
             Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link for free use for teachers.
             This site is a math problem generator organized by objective, which is free for
             middle and high school teachers. Subjects range from pre–algebra to Algebra
             I, II, and geometry. All questions are randomly generated, so they are
             different every time! is excellent for creating
             standardized tests such as SAT prep, state standardized, or NCLB required

              Simple tool for creating, viewing and modifying 3D ideas and projects.


Interactive Math Dictionary for Kids
             This is a wonderful site. Each definition includes an interactive display of the
             meaning of the word. For instance, chance will show dice and allow students
             to roll the dice and record probability statistics.

McGraw-Hill/Glencoe Publishing Math Resources
              For middle and high school; Their textbooks are listed by chapter title and
              include algebra, geometry and probably each chapter are online activities and
             quizzes and other resources. Select self-checking quizzes. Also click on
             "BrainPop" for math movies.

Math in Daily Life
              Interactive story games for problem solving and critical thinking.

              Help with solving math problems. Students can type in their problems and
              see how to solve them.
             Math practice, homework help, and tutorials for students.

Cool Math
              Interactive activities including lemonade stand and other math games.

Cyberchase Math Games
              Problem-solving math games from PBS.

Mathematical Art of MC Escher
             Mathematical art from MC Escher. If you don’t know his art, take a look.

Brunner Math
              Links to interactive math activity sites and other math resources.

Fun Brain’s Math Brain
             Game-like activities to reinforce math skills.

Timeline Generator by Teachology
              Scroll down the page. Up to six events can be used to create a timeline.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
              Search by subject area.

Purple Math
             Tutorials on and lessons about algebra.

Census in Schools
             The Census Bureau provides lesson plans using census data and teaching
             materials for teachers. Use this portal to Census data to help students better
             understand graphs and the power of explaining complex data in a graphic
             form. Maps are used to demonstrate demographics on a county-by-county

A+ Math
             Many interactive games to practice math skills.

Interactive Math Miscellany and Puzzles
             Probability and other problems.

Figure This
             Interactive activities and fun challenges that use math.

Algebra Help
              Lessons and activities to develop algebra skills.

Math Cats
              A good site for primary grades. Click on the cat to get to the activities.
              There are activities to practice balancing, measuring, tessellations, angles,
              place value, fractions, problem solving, jigsaw puzzles, and more. This site
              also has language arts activities. Click on the cat and then “Math Cats

              Interactive activities and puzzles.

Arcytech Java Programs Online Manipulatives
              Pattern blocks, base ten blocks, fraction bars, and skills for more advanced
             math as well such as the value of Pi and the Pythagorean Theorem.

Mental Arithmetic Drills
              Select your skill level to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
              division. For grades second and up.

             Math and language arts tutorials and exercises by grade levels. Enable Active
             X and install Shockwave to use this site.

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