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Who are the Bison?

Belmont High School is a comprehensive high school offering a college preparatory curriculum. We are the most diverse high school in Dayton, as we proudly serve students from 17 contries of origin, who speak a combined 14 different languages.  We have an active, productive Navy JROTC program. Other electives include art, industrial arts, and foreign language. Belmont has an English as a Second Language program, as well as programs for special needs students.  We work to customize and target instruction to meet the needs of all of our Bison, traditional and non-traditional learners.

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Bison News - Summer 2014




Welcome to Belmont High School!


Address: 2615 Wayne Avenue,
Dayton, OH, 45420

Office: 937-542-6460

Fax: 937-542-6461

Melanie S. Walter, Principal



At Belmont, we are honored to have the opportunity to continue leading the charge in transforming Belmont High School into a truly effective school, where every child has the opportunity to excel and achieve in all of life’s arenas. We are making great strides in meeting our goals, and we anticipate many successes this year.


BHS has many programs and attributes that can lead us to be a more effective school. A few of those are:


  • The Navy JROTC Program, where our cadets learn the structure and discipline that help guide them to success. They engage in classwork and participate in many outside functions, supporting the school and Belmont community.
  • A unique partnership with Sinclair Community College through the Educational Talent Search, which provides interventions and opportunities for our students, along with Dual Credit options for upperclassmen.
  • An emerging athletic program that shows dedication and perseverance.
  • A teaching staff that is eager to utilize the strategies and approaches that are necessary to increase teaching and learning throughout the school year, focusing on the Common Core.
  • A diverse student body of 1050 students, who embrace one another’s strengths and differences, while learning from others through our vast collection of learners who come from 17 countries around the world!
  • A dynamic, state-of-the-art school with the latest technology and equipment to enhance learning.


The Belmont staff and I will continue to maintain the highest level of expectations for each of your children. We will encourage your children to grow and achieve more. We will monitor and guide to ensure that the students have the tools necessary to become productive members of our global society, prepared for post-secondary or career goals.


At Belmont High School, we are proud of our rich history and are striving to achieve more. I anticipate many successes to come. I look forward to sharing these accomplishments with you throughout the year!


Melanie S. Walter





Bison helping others

The Core Values of Belmont are based 
on the 5 B's:

Be prepared.
Be on time.
Be respectful.
Be accountable.
Be consistent. 

Noche de Ciencias



On Nov. 18, 2014, the Belmont Bison were treated to a night of fun with SCIENCE!  Noche de Ciencias (Science Night) was an interactive workshop that encouraged students to use their math and critical thinking skills.  Students built “Balloon Rockets” that they had to design with limited resources.  The students worked in teams to use Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion.  The object of the project was to measure which balloon would travel the furthest on a string.  The winners each received a tablet.  Congratulations to Muhanad Edrees, Mutaz Edrees and Herbert Chongwain! Throughout the evening, panels of bilingual experts in the STEM fields spoke to students and parents regarding college opportunities. 



Belmont High School construction





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