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Belmont High School is a comprehensive high school offering a college preparatory curriculum. We have a strong elective Navy JROTC program. Other electives include art, industrial arts, and foreign language. Belmont has an English as a Second Language program as well as programs for special needs students.



Welcome to Belmont High School

Address: 2615 Wayne Avenue,
Dayton, OH, 45420

Office: 937-542-6460

Fax: 937-542-6461

Melanie S. Walter, Principal





Welcome to Belmont High School, Home of the Mighty Bison!


I am honored to be the Principal of Belmont High School, where we strive  to become a truly effective school, ensuring that  every child has the opportunity to excel and achieve in all of life’s arenas.

The core values of Belmont High School are based on the 5 B’s:

Be prepared.   Be on time.   Be respectful.  Be accountable.   Be consistent.

We believe that by adhering to the 5 B’s, we will provide the best possible learning opportunities for each of our students to learn and grow.


We have some true jewels at Belmont High School, including:

  • A diverse student population.

  • An extraordinary art department, working with Bing Davis and James Pate.

  • ETS (Educational Talent Search), through Sinclair, providing tutoring, mentoring and raising college awareness.

  • An emerging athletic program that shows dedication and perseverance.

  • An active unit of Navy JROTC.

  • A hard-working, committed staff of highly-qualified educators.

While there are many victories each day at Belmont, we have identified areas that need improvements. The following are the goals for the 2013-2014 school year:

  • To improve attendance to reach or exceed the DPS attendance goal of 93%.

  • To increase the number of students who are promoted from one grade to the next.

  • To raise the number of 10th Grade students who pass all five parts of the Ohio Graduation Test.

  • To enrich the climate of our building in order to improve the learning environment for all.

  • To intensify the rigor in each classroom to raise expectations and achievements.

In order to attain our goals, we must all be accountable for our actions each day. We will maintain the highest level of expectations for each of our students. We will ensure that the students have the tools necessary to become productive members of our global society, prepared for post-secondary or career goals.

We are proud of our rich past and are striving to achieve more. Belmont has much to be proud of, and we anticipate even more successes to come. We look forward to sharing these accomplishments with you throughout the year!

Melanie Walter







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