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Learning at Kemp PreK-6 Welcome to Kemp PreK-6!

A Note From Our Principal


The Future Of Dayton Starts Here



Welcome to Kemp PreK-6, home of the mighty Cobras!


“We believe every student can learn, and every student will learn if presented with the right opportunities to do so. It is our obligation to provide those opportunities.” 

Phil Schlechty

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Bell Schedule


7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

(Breakfast 7:15-7:30 a.m.)




Uniform Information


K-5: Dark blue shirt, dark blue pants/skirt or jumper  


6: Light blue shirt, dark blue pants/skirt or jumper


Kemp PreK-6 School

Address: 1923 Gondert Ave.
Dayton, OH 45403

Office: 937-542-5090

Fax: 937-542-5091

Renaldo O'Neal, Principal


News from Kemp PreK-6


Open House: Kemp PreK-6 will host its open house event from 5:30-7 p.m. on Aug. 27.


Get involved!: Kemp has several parent groups for interested families to become active in the school.

Activities and Clubs


This program allows a student to play and perform on a musical instrument. Band instruments available to the student body are flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone horn, and tuba. Percussion equipment available to the students are xylophone, cymbals, gong, glockenspiel, and orchestra bells.  

The student will perform in different classrooms throughout the school, as well as in other schools. The band also performs at different school functions throughout the school year. The instrumental department of Kemp will at various times travel and perform downtown at different functions during holidays and special events.

Becoming extra proficient on the instrument of their chose will give the student the opportunity to audition for and enter Stivers School for the Arts. Stivers has been described as one of the better fine arts schools in the United States. As an extra bonus, scientific studies have shown that students who become proficient on a musical instrument have higher test scores than most other students.

This program allows a student to play and perform on a stringed musical instrument. The only string instrument available to the student body is the violin.  

The student will perform in different classrooms throughout the school, as well as in other schools. The band also performs at different school functions throughout the school year. The Kemp instrumental department will, at various times, travel and perform downtown during the holidays and for special events.

Again, as outlined above, becoming proficient on you instruments allows the student the opportunity to reap many benefits for years to come.

Physical Education Fitness for Life
In the physical education department we are pushing living life healthy with our physical education fitness virtual classes. We are integrating the use and development of physical fitness video game platforms and games to educate students on fitness-for-life practices. The long-term goal is to educate students on the importance of living healthy with the concepts that gym class does not stay in the gym. It continues at home, through the programs offered at our local recreation centers, and organized fitness community activities. We are networking with the local recreation centers encouraging them to sponsor student and family appropriate fitness activities in conjunction with various class activities conducted at Kemp.

Student Council
Responsibilities of student council members: Role models for the school, voice of the student body, plan Spirit Week, vote on talent show theme, raise money for charities, participate in community events, collect can goods for the needy (2,040 pounds collected this year!), daily attendance check, and weekly recyclables collection.

Video Game Education Integration Pilot Program
We also have the video game education pilot program for students grades four through eight. Students learn the integration of math, literature, and game creation. They learn 3D navigational modeling, storyboarding, story writing skills, mathematical related operations through video game script programming (C, C+, C++) and game engine development. Networking with cutting-edge video game companies that are engaged with student education and the development of educational video game integration for classroom education.




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School Menu

Mon, 20 Apr 2015
Breakfast Menu

Blueberry muffin, mixed fruit, orange juice, milk

Lunch Menu

Chicken fried rice, steamed broccoli, chilled pineapple, fortune cookie, milk

Tue, 21 Apr 2015
Breakfast Menu

Strawberry mini bagels, banana, milk

Lunch Menu

Walking Tacos w/ spicy turkey and shredded cheese;, mixed vegetables, cinnamon applesauce, milk

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