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We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole community.


~Maria Montessori


School Menu

Mon, 25 May 2015
Breakfast Menu

Memorial Day Holiday - DPS Closed

Lunch Menu

Tue, 26 May 2015
Breakfast Menu

Strawberry mini bagels, banana, milk

Lunch Menu

Walking Tacos w/ spicy turkey and shredded cheese;, mixed vegetables, cinnamon applesauce, milk


Office Staff

Name Email Phone Website


Lisa Keane LJKeane@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4640  

Assistant Principal

Czerny Buxton CBuxton@dps.k12.oh.us
Office Staff      
Alice Coulter (Secretary) ACOULTER@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4640  
Joyce Walton (Office Clerk) JWALTON@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4643  


3-6 Staff

Name Email Phone Website
3-6 Teachers      
Emily Gomez EFGomez@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4654  
Santha Josyula        Profile SKJosyul@dps.k12.oh.us
Holly Martin HRMartin@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4657  
Deb Shirley DShirley@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4658  
Jessica Werner JCWerner@dps.k12.oh.us    
3-6 Paraprofessionals      
Brenda Drake BDrake@dps.k12.oh.us  542-4658  
Mary Gibson MFGibson@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4656  
Brandy Madden BMMadden@dps.k12.oh.us  542-4659  
Joyce Radford JRadford@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4654  
Matthew Sweetnich        MESweet@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4645  



6-9 Staff

Name Email Phone Website
6-9 Teachers      
Brenda Brown BJBrown@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4679  
Julie Dow JADow@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4678  
Michelle Jackson MicJacks@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4674  
Stephanie Leonhardt Sleonhar@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4667  

Amy Schuyler  

6-9 Intervention

ASchuyle@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4660  
Alisha Sims ASims@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4677  
Carla Smith CarSmith@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4676  
Colette Stockum CStockum@dps.k12.oh.us    
Gloria Taylor    Profile


GATaylor@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4655 Class site
Cathleen Tong  CathTong@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4675  
6-9 Paraprofessionals      
JoAnna Evans JoEvans@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4659  
 Latoya Gaines LGaines@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4676  
Shevel Hinton SMHinton@dps.k12.oh.us  542-4667  
Frances Landrum FLandrum@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4668  
Barbara Wilson BJWilson@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4679  
Jacqueline Witt JRWitt@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4655  






9-12 Staff

Name Email Phone Website
9-12 Teachers      
Mildred Albert MDAlbert@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4690  
Roland Albert RAlbert@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4688  
Erika Combs ELCombs@dps.k12.oh.us    
Mary Lynn Espinosa MLEspino@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4691 Class site
Barbara Morris BAMorris@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4697  
Katherine Mullins KMullins@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4689  
Marjorie Neeley MLNeeley@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4692 Class site
Elizabeth Painter Epainter@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4695  
Deborah Shepard DLShepar@dps.k12.oh.us    
Jessica Werner JCWerner@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4696  
9-12 Paraprofessionals      
Michelle Arnold MLuke@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4698  
Paula Perkins PSAllenP@dps.k12.oh.us  542-4688  
Charlotte Peterson CPeterso@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4692 Class site
Sherry Wiley SDWiley@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4695  







Special and Support Staff

Name Email Phone Website
6-9 Intervention      
Amy Schuyler  K-2 ASchuyle@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4660  
Pamela Elam -Merz  3rd PamElam@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4660  
Intervention Para      
9-12 Intervention      
Kathryn MacMullen  5th and 6th Not available  542-4666  
Pamela Elam  3rd and 4th PamElam@dps.k12.oh.us  542-4666  
Language Learning Prek-3
Kathleen Foley  ECIP KatFoley@dps.k12.oh.us    
Brenda Nelson K-2 Language BLNelson@dps.k12.oh.us  542-4653  
Rachel Steed  4th RLSteed@dps.k12.oh.us    
Language Learning Para      
Sherry Branch SLBranch@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4653  
Myra Katovich MCKatovi@dps.k12.oh.us    
Kraig George KLGeorge@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4693  
Special Subject Teachers      
Beverly Carr (Art) BACarr@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4662  
Michele Hangen (PE) MAHangen@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4670  
Patricia King PatKing@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4694  
Mary Beth Roos MarRoos@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4663  
Mike Triola MiTriola@dps.k12.oh.us    
Alberta Gavin AGavin@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4662  
Support Teaching Staff      
Adaptive PE      
Joshua Davies JDavies@dps.k12.oh.us    
Sheila Finley   CIA SRFinley@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4672  
Ryan Tait  Specialist RyanTait@dps.k12.oh.us    
School Psychologist      
School Nurse      
Jill Hardenbrook JHardenb@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4685  
Occupational Therapist      
Amy Spence ALSpence@dps.k12.oh.us    
Media Center      
Tanya Kroger TSKroger@dps.k12.oh.us    
Mojgan Soleimanpour MSoleima@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4700  
SBH Counselor      
Jeffery Roberts JRoberts@dps.k12.oh.us    
Ashlee Smith AsNSmith@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4704  








Custodial and Food Service Staff

Name Email Phone Website
Custodial Staff      
John May
Head Custodian
JMay@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4684  
J.R. Howard
Assistant Custodian
None available 542-4684  
Teresa Jefferson
Assistant Custodian
None available 542-4684  
Lisa Beckwith
Assistant Custodian
LEBeckwi@dps.k12.oh.us  542-4684  
Food Service Staff      
Jordan Graham-Ogletree JGraham@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4686  
Kelvin Hudson KHudson@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4686  
Virginia Williams VLWillia@dps.k12.oh.us 542-4686  






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