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About Dayton Public Schools

Dayton Public Schools is an urban district of about 15,000 students in pre-kindergarten through high school, with more National Board Certified teachers than any other district in the Dayton region and 20 Gates Millennium Scholars since 2000. The district’s ESL program serves more than 400 English language learners from 27 countries who speak more than 20 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Kirundi, Swahili, Turkish and Russian. The DPS special needs population is comprised of 20 percent of our overall student population. DPS teachers and administrators are working together like never before to reform instruction under the national Race to the Top initiative. We began the school year with a new academic plan, new pacing guides and unprecedented response to unparalleled professional development offerings. According to the 2011 Report Card*, DPS moved up in the state ranking to Continuous Improvement as a result of the district’s value added rating, indicating students demonstrated more than a year’s growth for a year’s instruction. Our performance index, which measures the achievements of every tested student, rose from 72.6 to 75.9—the highest performance index DPS has recorded since the report card was introduced. Tenth-graders improved in all subject areas on the Ohio Graduation Test, and students in grades three through eight posted gains in 13 of 14 areas.

*The most recent year for which data is available, as reported on the 2011 State Report Card