Scholarship Opportunities

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Accredited Online Colleges
This site is dedicated to researching, cataloging and publishing a database of every online program offered by an accredited college in the U.S. The database includes not only a list of institutions and programs, but also in-depth information on each institution, including the specific accreditations that each institution has. Free and updated annually.

AIA Dayton Architecture Scholarship
$1,000 to $4,000; Must attend a university with a NAAB accredited architecture program; Due mid January

Air Force Museum Student Writing Competition
$300 to $1000; Submit title by late December

Alpha Pi Chi National Sorority
GPA 2.5; Essay required; Due late April

American Business Women's Association
GPA 2.5; Essay and community service required; Deadline May 15

American Society of Military Comptrollers 
$1,000 -$2,000+; Due early March

Appenzeller Scholarship
$1000; Students pursuing a career in engineer; Due late March

AT&T Foundations
GPA 3.0; Due mid February

AXA Achievement     
First 10,000 applicants will be accepted; Due mid December


Best Buy
Due mid February

Better Business Bureau
See “Student of Integrity Award”

BGSU Freshmen Alumni Scholarship
Attend Bowling Green State; Major in Bio; Deadline early February

Big 33
GPA 2.0 (10th & 11th grade years); Deadline Feb. 24

$1,250 (four awarded); bio-science education focus; Due mid March

BK Scholars (Burger King)
$1,000 to $50,000; Due mid January

Ron Brown Scholar Program
Two deadlines: Early November and early January

Buick Achievers Scholarship Programs
$2,000 to $25,00 per year; Field of study focusing on engineering, technology, design, business or automotive industry; Deadline late February

Si Burick Scholarship
Must pursue journalism; Deadline March


Caretenders Scholarship
Essay required; Deadline May

Cargill Community Scholarship
$1000 to 350 students; Keyword scholarship; Deadline mid February

Central State/University Dayton Alumni
Application available through counselor; GPA 2.5; Deadline early April

CHS Foundation
Pursue a STEM field of study with interest in agriculture

University of Cincinnati Cincinnatus Scholarship Program
Attend UC; Deadline early December
A portal for applying to college over the web and will link to scholarship search.

College Outlook
A source for high school students conducting a college search or preparing for college life.

Mary E. & Roderick F. Condon II Scholarship
Study fine arts; Essay required and portfolio of six images of your artwork; Deadline mid March

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
GPA 3.5; ACT 26+; Deadline early November

Co-Op Scholarship/WACE
Attend WACE partnership school; GPA 3.5; Deadline mid February

Robert A. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
GPA 3.0; Primary member of General Electric Credit Union; Essay required; Deadline early January


Day Air Credit Union
$1,000 (two awards); Deadline mid February

Dayton Catholic Women’s Club Scholarship
Female of the Roman Catholic faith; $1,000 (four awards); Deadline late March

Dayton Education Association Scholarship

GPA 3.0; Major in education; Application available through counselor; Deadline late April

Dayton Foundation ScholarshipConnect 

Scholarship and college readiness resource

Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program

GPA 3.0; Major in education; Application available through counselor; Deadline late April

DP&L/Vectren Energy Scholarship
Parent must be DP&L or Vectren customer; Interest in energy related field of study. Deadline April


Elks National Foundation: Most Valuable Student Scholarship
Deadline: November

Enterprise Essay Contest
Martin Luther King essay; Contact Lori Fisher (614) 921-2417; Deadline early January

Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
GPA: 3.0; Submit short biography and essay; Deadline January

Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris
Essay required; Underrepresented student pursuing a degree in science, mathematics, technology, or engineering; GPA 3.0; Deadline early April


Fairborn Art Association
Submit art photos; Pursue a career in art; Deadline April

Fanny Vought Fink Memorial Scholarship
Single mother; GPA 2.0;  Deadline mid March


Students can match their background automatically with the eligibility requirements for scholarships.

FEO-Ohio STEM Scholarship
Pursue studies in science, nursing, technology, electrical or mechanical engineering; GPA: 3.25; Deadline April

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
All students interested in financial aid for college will need to complete this form.

Free 4
Search for scholarships by type such as major, state, minority, etc. The site also has a discussion board, a chat room, games and contests.


Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.
Essay required; GPA 2.5;  Deadline mid February

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
Submit short story; GPA 2.5; Deadline June

Jesse and Laverne Gooding Scholarship
GPA 2.5; Essay required; Active in community; Deadline early October


The Hundred Club
A child of a full-time member of the police or fire department; GPA 2.5;  Deadline mid March


Inclusive Corporate Affinity Network (iCAN)
GPA: 2.5 unweighted; Essay; Deadline: February


Lois Ann Johnson Scholarship
Pursing degree in disability services; Deadline mid February


Milton Kantor & Brothers Scholarship Fund
GPA: 2.5; Financial need; Deadline mid March

Martin Luther King Art, Prose and Poetry Contest
Deadline early January

Martin Luther King Essay Scholarship
Deadline November

Kiser High School Alumni
Attended Kiser Elementary; GPA 3.0; Deadline early April

Kohls Cares
Deadline mid March

James Kura Memorial Scholarship/ Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Essay required; GPA 2.5; Deadline March


Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship
Essay; GPA: 2.5; Deadline June 

Lift Parts Express Scholarship
Essay; GPA 3.0; Deadline June

Leo Lucas Scholarship (Ohio Black Caucus)
Autobiographical statement required; Deadline: March 


Madden Women’s Association
African American female; GPA 2.5; Essay required; Deadline mid April

Miami Valley Chapter Credit Union League
GPA: 2.5; Deadline early February

Montgomery County Association of Police Chiefs, Inc.
Major in law enforcement or criminal justice; Essay required; GPA 2.5; Deadline early March

Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial Scholarship
Deadline mid March

Mensa Education & Research Foundation
Essay Required; Deadline mid January


National Exchange Club
Evidence of overcoming significant barriers to social/academic development; two student narratives; Deadline mid March

Newcomer Funeral Homes & Crematory
Pursue degree in Nursing; Essay; Deadline Jan.


Odenza Marketing Group
Essay Required; GPA 2.5; Deadline: March

Office Professionals Scholarship, Wings Chapter
Deadline mid February

Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools
Nominated by current member of Ohio legislature; GPA 2.0; Deadline early April

The Ohio Council of Deliberation
Essay required; Deadline May

Ohio Newspaper Foundation: Minority Journalism Scholarship
Attend Ohio college or university; GPA 2.5+; submit 750 word paper on your career goals; Deadline late March

Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP)
Essay required; Deadline March 

Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors Emerging Leaders Group
Grades 10-12; Attend a 2 or 4 year college and study in a field related to construction
Deadline: Feb. 

OSBA Black Caucus Leo Lucas Stipend Award
African/American; GPA 2.5; Deadline March


PACE scholarship workshops (PDF)
Local agency offers free workshops on a variety of college-readiness and scholarship topics for high schools students and their families.

Pearl A. Dale & Audrey Parker Scholarship
GPA: 3.0; Minimum ACT score of 21; Essay; Deadline mid March

Peter Pasula Study Habits Scholarship
Essay required; Deadline April 

Deadline mid April

Pfeife Smith World Affairs Scholarship
Administered through The Dayton Foundation; Attend University of Dayton, Wright State or Sinclair; strong interest in world affairs; Deadline early March

PIEF Scholarship
GPA 2.5; Attend school in Ohio or Northern Kentucky; Study graphic communications; ACT scores; Deadline last day of February

Prince Hall Scholarship Foundation
Essay required; Deadline June 

Profiles in Courage
Essay; Deadline early January


Ruth Richardson Memorial Scholarship

Jackie Robinson Scholarship
Minority; Community service; SAT score of 1000 or ACT score of 22; Deadline late March

Rumpke Recycling Scholarship
DPS students only; Essay required; Deadline March


Superintendent’s Student Senate Scholarship (DPS)
GPA between 2.5 and 3.0; Recognized as a leader; Essay required; Deadline early March

Sisters in Christ Chorale
Christian; GPA: 2.5 thru 3.0; Essay required; Deadline early March

Pfeife Smith World Affairs Scholarship
Attend University of Dayton, Wright State or Sinclair; strong interest in world affairs; Due early March

SP $10,000 Scholarship
Deadline March 

Student of Integrity Award (BBB)
Essay; Deadline March 1


U.S. Bank Scholarship Program
Runs October thru March

Universal 1 Credit Union
Deadline mid March

University of Dayton School of Law
Essay required; Community service; GPA: 2.5; Deadline mid March


Franklin B. Walter
Referral by counselor; Deadline early February

Westmont Optimist Club
Essay on "How Dreams Lead to Success." Email:
Deadline Feb.

Women’s Alliance, Inc.
Essay required; Photo; Deadline early April

Ray Wright Memorial Scholarship
Currently work at McDonald's; GPA 2.5; Deadline mid March


Elizabeth Yox
Female student who has given birth; Essay required; Due early May

Scholarship Calendar
Week 1:
Week 2: Miami University Bridges (overnight program)
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 1:
Week 2: Jesse and Laverne Gooding Scholarship
Week 3:
Week 4: Coca-Cola Scholarship
Week 1: Ron Brown Scholars
Week 2: Martin Luther King Essay, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 1: Elks Most Valuable Student, U.C. Cincinnatus Scholarship
Week 2: AXA Achievement
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 1: Martin Luther King Essay Contest, Profiles in Courage Essay
Week 2: Burger King Scholarship, Dayton AIA (Architecture), Ron Brown Scholar, Robert A. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship (GE Credit Union), Co-Op Scholarship/WACE, Mensa
Week 3:
Week 4: Martin Luther King Essay Contest, Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Newcomer Funeral Homes & Crematories
Week 1: Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award, Ohio Valley Associated Builders, Westmont Optimist Club
Week 2: Best Buy Scholarship, AT&T Foundation, Cargill Community Scholarship, Alumni Freshman Scholarship BGSU, Day Air Credit Union, Inclusive Corporate Affinity Network, Miami Valley Credit Union League, Office Professionals Scholarship
Week 3: Air Force Museum Student Writing Competition, Lois Ann Johnson Scholarship
Week 4: Buick Achievers Scholarship Program, PIEF Scholarship, Big 33, Ruth Richardson Memorial Scholarship
Week 1: American Society of Military Comptrollers, Sisters in Christ Chorale, Chiefs, Inc., Superintendent’s Student Senate Scholarship, Pfeife Smith World Affairs, OSBA Black Caucus, Montgomery County Association of Police, Student of Integrity Award (BBB)
Week 2: BioOhio Scholarship, Kohls Cares, Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial Scholarship, Rumpke Recycling Scholarship, National Exchange Club, Leo Lucas/Ohio Black Caucus Scholarship, Sammy, Ray Wright Memorial Scholarship, James Kura Memorial Scholarship
Week 3: Dayton Montgomery County Scholarship (Online application), University of Dayton School of Law, Appenzeller Scholarship, Universal 1 Credit Union, Fanny Vought Fink Scholarship, Ray Wright Memorial Scholarship, Pearl A. Dale & Audrey Parker Scholarship, Mary & Roderick Condon II Scholarship, Milton Kantor & Brothers Scholarship, Altrussa Ruth Richardson Scholarship, The Hundred Club Scholarship
Week 4: Dayton Catholic Women’s Club, Ohio Newspaper, Jackie Robinson Scholarship, Si Burick Journalism, Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program, Odenza Marketing Group, SP Scholarship
Week 1: Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris, Ohio Career Colleges, Fred and Lena Meijer Scholarship, CHS Foundation, Peter Pasula Study Habits Scholarship
Week 2: Madden Women’s Golf Association, Fairborn Art Association, DP&L/Vectren Energy Leadership Scholarship, FEO-Ohio STEM Scholarship
Week 3: PFLAG
Week 4: Central State University Alumni, DEA Scholarship
Week 1: American Business Women's Association
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4: DPS Golf Scholarship, Caretenders Scholarship, Ohio Council of Deliberation
Week 1: Chief Master Sergeant William A. Griffith Memorial Scholarship (Wright-Patterson Chiefs Group), Prince Hall Scholarship Foundation
Week 2: Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
Week 3:
Week 4: Lift Parts Express Scholarship, Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship

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