MyDestiny eBook Library

Our Library

Dayton Public Schools students, faculty, and staff have access to a growing collection of 800+ eBooks and resources. Follett MyDestiny is the perfect supplemental content source for teachers. Students can immerse themselves in materials on topics that interest them with easy-to-use search features. For educators, MyDestiny reimagines learning by pairing an expansive content library with the ability to quickly build lessons using standards-aligned resources.

The DPS MyDestiny eBook library contains titles for all reading levels and ages and genres spanning from:

Some titles can even be checked out by an infinite number of students!

How to Access our library

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Location by accessing the dropdown menu and choosing "Ohio (OH)"
  3. Enter School by typing "DAYTON BOARD OF EDUCATION - 45402, Dayton, OH". (Steps 2 & 3 will only need to be completed once per device)
  4. Click "Go!"
  5. Log in when the window appears or Click "Login" at the top right corner
  6. Students
    1. Login ID: first initial  last initial  ID number (ALL LOWERCASE, e.g.: John Smith = js123456)
    2. Password: dps123
  7. Teachers
    1. Login ID: DPS Username
    2. Password: DPS1234