1:1 Initiative Parent/Guardian FAQs

1. What is the district’s 1:1 Initiative?

The primary mission of the 1:1 technology initiative is to improve student achievement by providing opportunities for students to personalize learning through universal, uninterrupted access to knowledge that can transform teaching, learning, and assessments.

2. What does 1:1 mean?

1:1 is shorthand for one-to-one. This means there will be one Chromebook for each student in grades three through eight to use for learning at school, beginning August 2016, and a device for each high school student beginning in August 2017.

3. What is a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is one of the devices that will be used to implement the 1:1 initiative.

For more information, view the video below:

4. Why Chromebooks?

Chromebooks provide the most cost efficient avenue to help our students become engaged and lifelong learners. Dayton Public Schools uses GAFE (Google Apps for Education). Chromebooks boot in eight seconds and have a rated battery life of over eight hours.

5. Why does Dayton Public Schools believe that a 1:1 program is important?

The need for consistent access is a priority. Technology is mentioned in 78 of Ohio’s new learning standards. Conclusions drawn from available research is that the 1:1 initiative provides many positive learning outcomes for students, staff and the community. Among them are the following:

6. Who receives a Chromebook?

As part of the district’s 1:1 Initiative, all students and content area teachers (including self-contained teachers) grades 3-8 will receive a Chromebook for the 2016-17 school year.

7. When will K-2 teachers and students receive devices?

By October 1st, grades 1-2 classrooms (including self-contained classrooms) will be equipped with Chromebooks. Kindergarten devices TBD.

8. Will Chromebooks be allowed to go home?

Students are not to remove the device from school premises.

9. When will high schools receive devices?

Rollout (phase 2) for high school devices (TBD) will occur during the 2017-18 school year.

10. Does the 1:1 program eliminate the need for textbooks?

Students will continue to have access to textbooks for most classes. Over time, however, the use of traditional textbooks may decrease as most textbooks become available to students digitally on their laptop. Currently, the district has digital licenses in English/language arts, math and social studies.

Students on Chromebooks.

Chromebooks in the Classroom