1:1 Initiative Teacher FAQs

1. What is the district’s 1:1 Initiative?

The primary mission of the 1:1 technology initiative is to improve student achievement by providing opportunities for students to personalize learning through universal uninterrupted access to knowledge that can transform teaching, learning, and assessments.

2. What is a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is one of the devices that will be used to implement the 1:1 initiative. For more information, view the video below: 

3. Who receives a Chromebook?

As part of the district’s 1:1 Initiative, all students and content area teachers (including self-contained teachers) grades 3-8 will receive a Chromebook for the 2016-17 school year.

4. When will K-2 teachers and students receive devices?

By October 1st, grades 1-2 classrooms (including self-contained classrooms) will be equipped with Chromebooks. Kindergarten devices TBD.

5. Will Chromebooks be allowed to go home?

Students are not to remove the device from school premises.

6. When will high schools receive devices?

Rollout (phase 2) for high school devices (TBD) will occur during the 2017-18 school year.

7. How should teachers disperse Chromebooks?

It is recommended that students rotate from class to class with their Chromebooks. A Chromebook device is not tied to any one user so it is not necessary for students to receive the same Chromebook each day.

8. How do I access applications in my Chromebook?

You must have a Google account, which has already been created for staff and students.

9. How do staff and students log-in to their Google account?

Staff Login:

Your username is the first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name@DaytonPublic.com. For example: Name: John Smith  Username: JSmith@DaytonPublic.com

Your password is your last name. Example: smith You should change your password on your first login. When first logging in, you will be prompted to accept DPS and Google Terms and Conditions.

Student Login:

The student login is the student’s first initial in his/her first name, first initial in his/her last name, and the student’s ID number.

For example: Name: John Smith ---- ID Number: 123456 Username: JS123456
The student’s password is the student’s ID Number. For example: Password: 123456

10. Will staff members and students have a Gmail account?

Yes. It is included in their Google account. See question #9 above to access Gmail.

11. Will teachers have 2 usernames and passwords?

Yes. One for Novell (Groupwise) and one for Google. Groupwise will remain the primary email for the district.

12. What programs can I use to integrate technology into the curriculum?

Imagine Learning (K-3) Intervention and Achieve3000 (3-12) Intervention.
Once logged into Chromebook, the Clever page appears. Click on the icon for Imagine Learning or Achieve3000.

McGraw-Hill ConnectEd (Wonders grades K-6, Math K-9 and Social 4-12)
Teacher Login: DPS + Username Teacher Password: DPS1234
Holt McDougal- Collections (7-12 ELA)
Teacher Login: DPS + Username Teacher Password: Dps1234!

APEX (9-12)
Contact your site coordinator.

ALEKS (3-12)
Contact Steven Crichton with additional questions.

13. Will students have headphones?

Headphones will be available for testing and online applications (e.g. Imagine Learning) as appropriate.

14. Will there be additional professional development for using technology in the curriculum?

Yes, consult the PD calendar. For immediate support contact personnel listed below.

integration specialists 2016-17

15. Who should we contact regarding lost or damaged devices or Chromebook issues?

An IT ticket should be submitted: https://infonet.dps.k12.oh.us/dps/servicedesk.nsf/Service

16. Will there be a computer lab in the building?

Yes we are recommending that schools maintain at least one computer lab.

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