Firefighting / EMT / Public Safety Program

Prepare for your career as a Firefighter/EMT while still in high school

About the Program

Dayton Public Schools is launching a new Career Tech program in partnership with the Dayton Fire Department (DFD) for students to graduate as certified Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. Students who complete the new program will be eligible to apply for entry-level positions with the DFD upon graduation. It is a four-year experience for students enrolled at Belmont High School in grades 9-12.

All DPS students are eligible to enroll in this pathway. Courses will be taught by Dayton Fire Department instructors and include career exploration, prep classes, and certification courses. Students will have the opportunity to take the Ohio Firefighter I and the EMT state tests. Upon graduation, they should be prepared to enter the workforce as an EMT or may pursue a Firefighter career at Sinclair Community College.


Print and complete the Student Career Tech Application Packet (PDF) and return it to your school counselor.

Firefighting/EMT Pathway

Freshman Year - Basic Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services
Your career path begins freshman year with career exploration. Your professional program instructor brings real-world experience to your classroom and introduces basic firefighting/EMT concepts.

Sophomore Year - Foundations of Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services
Proper training in a number of areas is critical to the successful candidate.  Students take core courses in English, math, and science, but also study communications, medical terminology, and learn soft skills like working on a team and developing good work habits.  Mastering all these disciplines translates directly to the job. Firefighters/EMTs use math to calculate medication doses, hydraulics, and water flows.  They also need to communicate clearly in written reports, with doctors and nurses, and with the public they serve.

Junior Year - Firefighter I and Homeland Security
Through classes and training, the candidate learns what to expect when working in a real firehouse. Work-oriented physical education continues and candidates will take the Ohio Firefighter I curriculum to prepare for the state test.

Senior Year - Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Law & Public Safety Capstone- 
During a senior's capstone experience, they can pursue Firefighter II as well as other career opportunities.