Choose DPS Preschools


The perks

  • DPS preschools are completely free!
  • DPS preschools offer full-day classes (Monday - Thursday)
  • All DPS preschools are rated 5 stars (Step Up to Quality)
  • Preschools provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack to all students daily

      Preschool students:

      • Develop pre-academic, behavioral & social-emotional skills
      • Have more success in kindergarten & 3rd-grade reading
      • Become more successful than students not attending preschool

      Set your young learner up for success!

      • Classrooms designed to encourage social-emotional development,
        learning and social interaction in a way that is fun for students
      • A Creative Curriculum that fosters creative, confident thinkers
      • Language skills, cognitive skills, and pre-math/literacy skills
      • Certified teachers that receive ongoing training & development
      After the unprecedented year we have had, it is more important than ever to set your preschool student up for success!

      Are you enrolled?

      If you already enrolled your student earlier this year, your preschool teacher may be contacting you soon. If you have questions or need to enroll, please contact the Student Enrollment Center at 937-542-5555.