Cleveland Elementary School


Welcome to Cleveland Elementary School, home of the mighty Chargers! Cleveland is one of six Dayton Public Schools that is a Neighborhood School Center along with Edison, Fairview, Kiser, Ruskin, and Westwood.

What is a Neighborhood School Center?
A Neighborhood School serves as the center of the community, bringing together many partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to children, youth, families, and neighbors.

What does the Site Coordinator do?
The full-time site coordinator at each of Dayton’s Neighborhood School Centers supports the school principal by managing the contributions of the community partners who bring programs and resources to the school. The site coordinators are employed by Dayton nonprofit organizations (YMCA at Cleveland) committed to the vision of improving student performance and engaging families and the community in meaningful ways. The site coordinator at Cleveland is Megan Sullivan. You can contact her at (937) 474-2091 or

How do I get involved at Cleveland's Neighborhood School Center? 
There are a variety of ways you can get involved in Cleveland. Year-round opportunities include reading mentors, classroom helpers, after school study tables, etc. There are also one time events like Trunk or Treat, Chili Cook-Off, Book Fair. For more information on these opportunities please contact Site Coordinator Megan Sullivan at (937) 474-2091 or