Human Resources


Complete the appropriate application upon deciding what position you are interested in pursuing at DPS:

  • The Instructional application is for those individuals seeking a licensed position such as teacher, nurse, counselor, psychologist, paraprofessional, and etc.
  • The Administrative application is for those pursuing an administrative position such as building or central office administrator, associate director, director, coordinator, superintendent, and etc.
  • Non-Instructional application is for positions such as clerical, district support staff, router, dispatcher, security resource officers, and etc.
  • Non-Instructional/Operations is for bus drivers, custodians, food service preparers, trades, logistics, truck driver, and etc.

    Be thoughtful and take your time as you complete the application to ensure you are representing yourself well.

    • Attach, in the appropriate sections, all documentation regarding licensure, degrees, diplomas, transcripts, certificates, or other supporting educational documents.
    • Fill out the employment history completely, even if you have attached your resume.  Ensure all fields related to dates of employment, job titles and supervisors are complete and accurate.  Some salaries are based on the experience listed in this section.
    • DPS requires professional references. References should be from those in a supervisory position.  DPS cannot accept references from family members or friends.

    • When listing references on the application, list people that you have known for at least a year and that are willing to provide feedback to DPS. Your references should have some knowledge of your work ethic, professional experiences, and skills and abilities for the applied position.

    • Inform all references they will be emailed to complete the Reference Check Letter. References must click on the emailed link and complete and submit the reference check. 
    • You can check the status of your references through your online application. References that are listed as “pending” have not been completed. You can add additional references as deemed necessary.
    • Include all of your current contact information on your resume so we can easily get in touch with you. Include your full name, street address, city, state, zip, home phone number, cell phone, and email address. Make sure to use a personal email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), not your current work email address.

    • Review resume regularly and update as needed.

    • Highlight your most relevant skills and experience first, especially as they relate to the positions, and then work your way down to other pertinent information.
    • Make sure that your resume is “easy on the eyes” and formatted well.
    • Attempt to keep it to one page (or two pages if you have more than five years of experience in your field).  Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Dress professionally whether in person or virtually.
    • Research the district, department and/or specific school, if applicable.
    • Know the job description you are applying for and have copies of your resume available.
    • Be prepared for different interviewing styles such as behavioral or standard. For behavioral interview questions, describe the situation or challenge, the action that you took and the results.
    • On virtual interviews, ensure all technology is working properly prior to the interview and you are in a quiet space.
    Complete the online application found in the Careers page and provide all of the necessary supporting documentation to apply for a position with DPS.