Public Information Office


The Public Information Office oversees all internal and external district communications. Responsibilities include the district website, social media, DPS TV, newsletters, marketing materials, and media relations. Watch DPS TV on Spectrum TV Channel 21.


Award NameCategoryOrganizationYear
Mark of DistinctionWriting - Skyscrapers Art Displays in DPSOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionVideo - Adult Transition UnitOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionVideo - A Day in the Life of a PrincipalOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionVideo - CTEOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionVideo - Project Lead the WayOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionSocial Media - Facebook PageOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionMarketing Materials - Rosa Parks and Charity Adams postcardsOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionSpecial Purpose Publication - DPS Communication ManualOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceSpecial Purpose Publication - 2021-2022 CalendarOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - Skyscrapers ArtworkOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - Enrollment Informational VideoOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - Preschool CommericalOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - Fire ProgramOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceWriting - Advance Manufacturing Student Receives Hands-On, Real-World Experience Through InternshipOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceE-Newsletter - PIO News BriefsOHSPRA2021-2022
Mark of ExcellenceE-Newsletter - DPS ConnectionOHSPRA2021-2022
Best of the BestWebsiteOHSPRA2021-2022
ExcellenceE-Newsletter (External)NSPRA2021-2022
ExcellenceE-Newsletter (Internal)NSPRA2021-2022
ExcellenceExcellence in WritingNSPRA2021-2022
ExcellenceVideo - A Day in the Life of a PrincipalNSPRA2021-2022
MeritExcellence in WritingNSPRA2021-2022
MeritElementary, Middle, and High School PostcardsNSPRA2021-2022
MeritVideo - Adult Transition UnitNSPRA2021-2022
MeritVideo - CTENSPRA2021-2022
MeritVideo - Project Lead the WayNSPRA2021-2022
Honorable MentionHandbook (2021-2022 Communication Manual)NSPRA2021-2022
Honorable MentionVideo - Mickey Smith Jr. Visits DPSNSPRA2021-2022
Mark of DistinctionSocial Media - Facebook pageOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of DistinctionMarketing Materials - Be Present CampaignOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of DistinctionWriting - Ponitz Student Reflects on State-Wide Math RecognitionOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceE-Newsletter - InternalOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceE-Newsletter - ExternalOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceWriting - New Meadowdale High School CTC ReadyOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - Welcome BackOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - ICYMI: January 2020OHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - ICYMI: May 2020OHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceVideo - DPSRises to Feed Dayton ChildrenOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceWebsiteOHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceSpecial Purpose Publication (Communication Manual)OHSPRA2020-2021
Mark of ExcellenceSocial Media Campaign - Parent Engagement TipsOHSPRA2020-2021
ExcellenceBranding/Image - Be Present attendance campaignNSPRA2020-2021
ExcellenceWriting - Bing Davis SkyscraperNSPRA2020-2021
ExcellenceInfographic - School Restart ChoicesNSPRA2020-2021
ExcellenceMarketing Materials - PreK EnrollmentNSPRA2020-2021
MeritE-Newsletter (External)NSPRA2020-2021
MeritE-Newsletter (Internal)NSPRA2020-2021
MeritWriting - Fresh Take on School MealsNSPRA2020-2021
MeritVideo - Preschool commerialNSPRA2020-2021
MeritVideo - Health Center commericalNSPRA2020-2021
Honorable MentionHandbook (Communication Manual)NSPRA2020-2021
Honorable MentionSocial Media - Black History Month contentNSPRA2020-2021
Honorable MentionSpecial Purpose Publication (Attendance Handbook)NSPRA2020-2021
Honorable MentionVideo - Welcome Back VideoNSPRA2020-2021
Golden Achievement AwardBe Present for a Better Future CampaignNSPRA2019-2020
ExcellenceInfographic - 2019 Report CardNSPRA2019-2020
ExcellenceMarketing Publication - 5 Secrets PostcardsNSPRA2019-2020
ExcellenceMarketing Publication - Dunbar PostcardNSPRA2019-2020
ExcellenceSocial Media - Be Present campaignNSPRA2019-2020
MeritBranding/Image - DPS BrandingNSPRA2019-2020
MeritMarketing Publication - Preschool Door HangerNSPRA2019-2020
MeritMarketing Publication - Spring Career FairNSPRA2019-2020
Honorable MentionCalendarNSPRA2019-2020
Honorable MentionE-Newsletter - ExternalNSPRA2019-2020
Honorable MentionWriting - Students Apply Science and Math to Real-Life SituationNSPRA2019-2020
Honorable MentionInfographic - Attendance ResultsNSPRA2019-2020
Honorable MentionSpecial Purpose Publication - Recruiting BooketNSPRA2019-2020
Honorable MentionVideo - ICYMI: January 2020NSPRA2019-2020
Honorable MentionVideo - Tips to prevent COVIDNSPRA2019-2020