Media Policy


Thank you for your interest in reporting news about Dayton Public Schools. There are many great things happening in DPS every day, and the district is happy to assist you in telling these stories.

DPS understands that media personnel operate under deadlines, and strives to meet the needs of reporters in a timely manner. All members of the media are asked to be cognizant of and follow DPS guidelines so as to not interfere with the educational process or day-to-day district business.

  1. Media outlets must always contact Alex Kincaid in the Public Information Office to secure permission to be on school property prior to sending a reporter, videographer or photojournalist to a school or other building (before, during or after school hours). Email or call Alex Kincaid at or 937-542-3054.
  2. Media that does not secure permission to be on school property is asked to limit all news-related business to public areas, such as sidewalks and/or surrounding streets, so as not to interfere with instruction or create traffic hazards. DPS parking lots are still DPS property. Reporters who are on DPS property without permission will be asked to leave. Reporters should not enter schools to seek permission to be there. Permission is granted through the Public Information Office.
  3. The Superintendent is the only spokesperson for the District unless otherwise designated by the Superintendent. All interviews must be coordinated through Alex Kincaid at or 937-542-3054.
  4. Please do not attempt to coordinate an interview with any DPS employee by reaching out to the employee directly. The Dayton Public School District reserves the right to grant or decline any interview request. If there is a story of particular interest to the media, the Superintendent may choose to open an interview up to all media rather than scheduling individual interviews. Please note that same-day interview requests cannot be accommodated except in the event of an emergency or other urgent matter. Please provide as much notice as possible for all interview requests.
  5. The Board of Education President is the only spokesperson for the Board. The Public Information Office contacts the Board President when an interview is requested. Please contact Alex Kincaid at or 937-542-3054 if you wish to coordinate a time to speak with the board president.
  6. Media covering sporting events will not need prior approval as long as they are only present for that event and are not reporting on other items. Media credentials must be visible at all times and must be produced to gain admittance to a game. Media may photograph, film and report from the press box or from behind the sidelines so long as they do not interfere with play, timeouts or other game-related business.
  7. Dayton Public Schools will abide by all state and federal laws in its efforts to provide interviews and information for media outlets. Public Records Requests are facilitated by Alex Kincaid and fulfilled by the DPS legal department. Please send all records requests to

These guidelines are in place for several reasons. The primary responsibility of DPS is to educate students, and it is therefore important to limit disruptions to school business. All DPS employees are ultimately working toward improving academic achievement for students.

Additionally, not all students have parental consent to be photographed, filmed, or included in media coverage. During large events, media may be asked to not film student faces because it is difficult to determine which students have parental consent to be filmed or photographed in these settings. Students are never permitted to be interviewed without the district first obtaining explicit parental consent. This includes student athletes and students attending athletic events.

Please advise all reporters in your newsroom of these guidelines, and please keep DPS informed of any new reporters who will be covering the school district. The Public Information Office continuously updates the list of media who should receive press releases and other communication from the district. Thank you for your cooperation and support.