Important Information Regarding the State of Our District

A letter from Superintendent Lolli

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Dayton Public Schools is working hard to make sure the results of this year’s Ohio School Report Card prevent a state takeover. Those results will be available in September.

The factor that determines the future of DPS is the district’s overall report card grade. That was not the case four years ago when the district had its first experience with a possible takeover. At that time, value-added scores were used to help increase district results. Those scores are no longer used to calculate overall grades. Fifteen of our 27 buildings are continuing to increase student test results; 12 are not, and received grades of F. 

If a school district receives an F for three consecutive years, it will be put into academic distress and will be taken over by an Academic Distress Commission. The district avoided this in 2016 with its value-added grade of A. But for the past two years, DPS has received grades of F because value-added scores no longer determine the district’s rating.

DPS has been working tirelessly to change for the better and prevent a state takeover. We use data to determine gaps in student learning and work to close those gaps by focusing on each student’s individual needs. Teachers also completed additional training in the fall, and continue to implement tried-and-true teaching practices.

We are fortunate to have a community partnership united to support our efforts, which includes the city, the trade unions, the Chamber of Commerce, and other vital groups and organizations.  We are also meeting regularly with Ohio lawmakers about our progress in DPS.

But there is much you can do to help your children and Dayton Public Schools succeed.

Making sure your child attends school every day and shows up ready to learn is a crucial step. During state testing this April, your child should get enough sleep and be mentally prepared to do their best. Encouraging students with a positive attitude is also key.

As a community member, you can support the district by encouraging students to attend school every day. Volunteers that tutor students are also always welcome in the district.  Please go to for more information on volunteering.

Through these efforts, a change for the better is possible.

Elizabeth J. Lolli, Ph.D.

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