Chromebooks & Remote Learning During State Mandated Closure

A Message from Superintendent Lolli

DPS Families,

My greatest hope is that you and your family are all healthy and enjoying some time outdoors in the fresh air.

By now, families that need a Chromebook should have received an appointment time to pick up the device.  Please note that only one Chromebook per family of 5 DPS students will be loaned out. The supply of Chromebooks is limited, so it is important that we cover the homes that need these devices.

You will be asked to go to the oldest student's school to pick up the Chromebook. You are required to sign a document stating that you are responsible for the Chromebook and the return of the Chromebook when school reopens, or in June if we do not reopen. This is a loan of technology that we need to have returned so our students will have technology when they come back to school.

Chromebook Agreement

Chromebook FAQ

How to Connect to the Internet with your DPS Chromebook

WiFi Bus Schedule: English | Spanish | Arabic | French | Kinyarwanda | Kirundi | Russian | Swahili | Tigrinya | Turkish
Network name: "DPS-BUS"     |     Password: dpsrises

Students will be required to complete the lessons that teachers assign to them beginning the week of April 13th. If the wifi is delayed, this will move to April 20th.

Please note that wifi for everyone except seniors will be provided by school buses parked in neighborhoods a few days each week.  Students should plan on doing their work during those times.  More information about the Wifi schedule will be coming soon.  Seniors will receive Chromebooks and a wifi hot spot later this week or early next week. Again, we will notify you.

Online schooling is very different from in-building schooling.  Students likely will only spend about an hour or two each day "in online schooling".  Other activities such as playing outside following all the social distancing guidelines or reading off line should also be part of the regular day.

The online lessons themselves will include teacher-directed instruction, interaction and feedback with the teacher, and individual student assignments.  Teachers will also be in contact weekly to make sure that students are progressing through the lessons.  Please be sure we have the correct address and phone number for you so you can receive the information we are sharing. You can update this information through the Home Access Center, or by contacting your child’s principal.

This week during the meal pick up times, packets of work for grades K-8 will be available.  When you drive up to pick up your food, you will need to tell the volunteer what grade levels you need.  They will then hand you the work.  Students should complete the work to the best of their ability and be ready to discuss with the teachers when the online schooling begins.

This is a very new process for everyone, so we appreciate your support and patience.  We are so thankful for our committed Curriculum team, teachers, and administrators and ALL the others who are making this possible.

Please follow the health guidelines that have been issued and stay well. Thank you.

Elizabeth J. Lolli