Dayton Public Schools hopeful about district improvement - 2-21-2019

The Board of Education and DPS administration remain positive about upcoming efforts to curb absenteeism, enhance instruction

The Dayton Public Schools administration and the board of education remain positive that the
proposed efforts to increase attendance and enhance instruction will lead to significant
improvements for the district.

There are 15 schools in the district that are identified by the Ohio Department of Education as
receiving passing grades. These buildings are showing improvement and closing the
achievement gap. Students in these buildings are making progress and showing that progress
in both class work and on state test results.

“We are hopeful that the work and the monitoring we’re doing will make a significant difference,”
said Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli.

The presentation by Chief of Curriculum Carolyn Mack and Associate Superintendent Dr. Shelia
Burton at the Tuesday, Feb. 19 Board of Education meeting reviewed chronic absenteeism in
relation to test scores to give an update to the community.

Chronic absenteeism is defined as those students who miss 10 percent or more of the school
year. Comprehensive plans are currently underway to boost student attendance in new and
innovative ways. District changes are based on The Dayton Way, the district’s six-point initiative centered around preparing students for college and careers.

Those changes include improving attendance and fostering a continuous professional growth
mindset, and changing instruction and goals to meet or exceed the national proficiency rate in
reading and math by 2021.

“Remember that this is a district-wide report,” said Lolli. “We have 12 schools struggling, and we
have 15 schools with passing grades. Those 15 schools are making significant improvements at
many grade levels.”