DPS mobile app allows parents to view real-time location of children’s school bus

January 3, 2017
Contact: Jill Drury, Communication Specialist
For Immediate Release

Free app available for Android and Apple smartphones

     Hundreds of Apple and Android smart phone owners have downloaded the free, innovative Dayton Public Schools app to keep families and community members informed about everything from district announcements to school menus, following its launch in late September. This week, DPS families will be able to take advantage of Here Comes the Bus, providing real-time GPS information on their children’s school bus locations, along with push notifications or email alerts when the bus is near. 
     Here Comes the Bus is an easy-to-use app that enables parents to see the location of their child’s school bus on a smartphone. 
     For security reasons, parents will need to contact their child’s school to get their student ID. The district number, also required, will be provided in a letter that has been mailed to all eligible DPS families.
Families can download Hear Comes the Bus from the App Store or Google Play. The free download gives families the peace of knowing when their child’s bus will arrive at their stop, making morning and afternoon planning easier and cutting down on time spent waiting at the stop in inclement weather. 
     School officials believe use of the app also will reduce the number of calls to DPS Transportation.

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