DPS Working to Ensure Safety of Students and Staff amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Dayton Public School District has strict protocols in place for confirmed cases of COVID-19. The district is carefully following all guidelines set forth by the state and Department of Health and cleans and sanitizes all buildings daily, in addition to other preventative measures.

In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case, the district follows and will continue to follow all health orders. DPS works closely with the Department of Health in terms of contact tracing, informing those who may have been in contact with the affected individual, and cleaning and sanitizing the individual's workspace.

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 when school resumes, staff and student families in that building would be notified immediately, and all protocols would be followed to ensure a safe work and school environment.

Parents and staff should be assured that all guidelines are followed to the highest degree possible in all scenarios, and will continue to be followed through the entirety of the pandemic. The Dayton Public School District takes COVID-19 very seriously and considers the safety of students and staff its highest priority.