DPS Professional Development Schedule Fall 2018

Intensive PD for Teachers & Support Staff Starts This Fall

September 24, 2018
Dear Parents and Guardians,

The state report card indicates that the Dayton Public Schools rate an overall “F”. Many of
the schools in Dayton Public scored individual building grades of “C’s” or “D’s”. However,
we have much work to do.
In an effort to make sure that instruction in all DPS classrooms meets the needs of our
students, the district will be providing intensive professional development for all teaching and
support staff members. To be able to do this, schools will be closed for one day in October or
Please see the schedule of closings below for your children’s schools. Please plan for your
child to be safely taken care of on the day school is closed. While these dates were not on the
original school calendar, it is extremely necessary for them now be added.
Please note the dates your child’s school will be closed. Everyone will be at professional
development so no one will be at the school on these dates.

School Closing Dates:
October 8: Kemp Elementary, Charity Adams Earley, Edison Elementary
October 9: Eastmont Elementary, Westwood Elementary, Dayton Boys Preparatory
October 15: Ruskin Elementary, Louise Troy Elementary, Cleveland Elementary
October 18: Fairview Elementary, Belle Haven Elementary
October 29: Kiser Elementary, River’s Edge Montessori
October 30: Valerie Elementary, Horace Mann Elementary, World of Wonder Elementary
October 31: Stivers School for the Arts, Dunbar Early College HS
November 1: Edwin Joel Brown, Wogaman, Wright Brothers Middle Schools
November 2: Belmont HS, Meadowdale HS
November 7: Thurgood Marshall Stem HS, Ponitz HS
In addition to the work we will be doing, we need your help, as well. Student attendance must
be a priority. If students are not in school, they cannot learn. Please make every effort to
have your children at school everyday. Average attendance for all schools as of today is
91.89%. Let’s make it 100% together. Thank you.


Elizabeth Lolli
Elizabeth J. Lolli, Superintendent