It’s an “A” for Dayton Schools’ Gifted Students: The Annual Report Card

State Report Card Results Show Areas of Growth and Progress

Each year, the state’s  public education monitor within the Ohio Department of Education, issues a “report card” that determines how each of the  state’s public school districts is preparing students to succeed.  The “A” in the gifted category means for the academic year 2016 – 2017, Dayton Schools achieved the Gifted Value Added component in an exemplary manner. The referenced students are identified as gifted in specific subjects or are identified with high cognitive abilities.

DPS kindergarten through 3rd grade literacy improved  in 2016-2017 from an “F” to a “D” which shows nearly 1,800 students within the district’s K-3 grade bands who had been struggling readers are now  “on track”, moving towards proficiency.

DPS  students with disabilities, 4th through 8th grades are, based on past performance, showing  growth  in reading.  In that same grouping, 6th and 7thgraders are also growing in learning mathematics.

Overall, students scoring proficient or better, improved nearly 50% of the tests. That includes a percentage point range from 1 to 11.

DPS will also continue to add more financial support to classroom instruction as expenditures in this area continue to climb.

While the state education report card shows some successes, DPS leadership is candid about the efforts still needed to best develop the abilities of all district students.  To address the shortfalls, over the last year, Superintendent Rhonda Corr has led a deep re-structuring approach to education in the district that  includes culturally relevant and competent instruction and learning materials, social emotional child development best practices and developing  curriculum that will  expand how our educators deliver their instruction.  That includes “Teacher Leaders” who will be selected as support, observation, feedback and training for their colleagues. Superintendent Corr says measurable progress should be seen in the academic year, but it will take 3 to 5 years of consistent effort to turn around the district’s overall performance.


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