Select DPS Students Will Attend Rotary Academy

Dayton Public Schools high school students will fill roles as rotary leaders this spring. Ten juniors will be the guests of the Dayton Rotary at a camp for intensive youth leadership training, April 20 - 22.

Students are required to attend the entire camp, prepare for physical activity and dress appropriately for the challenging April weather.

This is part of Rotary's pledge to encourage young people to become effective leaders by engaging youth in outdoor challenges and critical thinking exercises. 

Rotary International is a global service organization whose mission is to bring together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and advance good will and peace around the world.

The Rotary Club of Dayton is a similar fellowship of diverse business and professional leaders that commits time and talent to club and community service to promote leadership and service values. This is partly achieved by the 10-12 RYLA awards offered each year to Dayton schools. 

DPS students selected to attend the RYLA camp, their class and high schools are listed here:

Matthew Jerome Moats Jr - 11
Trinity Cammon - 11

David H. Ponitz Career Technical
Jasmine Green - 11
Khari Gaskins - 10
Starr Johnson - 11

Stivers School for the Arts
Giovanni Crawford - 11
Kevin Buck - 11

Thurgood Marshall STEM
Kierre Dewberry - 11
Antoriya Johnson - 11
LeaMar Jennings - 11

Waiting List
Brittney Ashley - 11 (Belmont)