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Weekday Mornings
9:15 am - 11 AM

Clay "The Cooker" Collins

  • Continuous radio employment in Dayton since September 1968
  • Jazz programmer WDAO-FM January 1969-72  
  • Friday night jazz programmer on WCSU-FM Central State University from 1988 to 2007
  • Sunday jazz programmer WDSJ 106.5 from 2004-09
  • Currently hosts the WDPS-FM morning show

Jazz Beat




Grant “King” Koeller is a professional jazz saxophone soloist recently retired from the USAF Band Of Flight, WPAFB, OHIO with 23 years of service as a third generation professional military musician.  He has 40 years Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Bari Saxophone performance experience with additional years on the Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drum-set, Guitar and Voice.  His King Koeller Quartet is a regular at Jazz Central and he frequently plays with the Jazz Central Big Band.  Grant has over 12,000 records in his LP collection!

Kyle Fisk


Amanda Romero

Tuesday  11 AM - NOON

Kyle C. Fisk has taught graphic design since 1991 and is currently a professor at Sinclair Community College.  Kyle has always had a love of jazz music and you can catch his eclectic mix of smooth jazz on Tuesdays from 11:00 AM until noon with his partner Amanda Romero on 89.5 FM.



"My father played nothing but jazz and salsa at home. We were not allowed to play any other music styles on his stereo!" says Amanda Romero. Currently, she is an associate professor at Sinclair Community College. "It’s been a joy being able to host Jazz Beat."


Clifford Darrett





tom mcmanus


Clifford Darrett is a percussionist and played a lot of his fathers’ percussion instruments growing up.  His musical career began in the U.S. Air Force as a drummer. In 1998, he began taking private lessons with professional percussionist Carlos "Sal" Salaz for a year and a half and became familiar with congas, shakeres, bongos, cowbells, guiros and many other Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Puerto Rican instruments.



Jim Woodford has played trombone, guitar and drums.  Ken Burns and his PBS jazz documentary pulled Jim into the jazz musical genre. Jim is on the board of directors for Jazz Advocate, a non-profit organization promoting jazz in Dayton and other surrounding areas.  He attends live jazz performances every chance he gets.



Tom McManus is a retiree who has followed the jazz scene since his early days in NJ listening to jazz on the radio. Living in close proximity to NYC provided access to many clubs and concert halls that featured jazz music. He moved to the Dayton area after working 22 years in San Diego. Tom was a volunteer jazz DJ for KSDS (City College) in San Diego for several years. He loves to travel, including frequent visits to CA to attend jazz conferences. He invites listeners of his program, “Jazz Classics,” to contact him with comments or questions at: JazzClassicsWDPS@gmail.com







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