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Board of Ed. VP Reappointed as Federal Relations Network Delegate

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Board of Ed. VP Reappointed as Federal Relations Network Delegate

Jocelyn Spencer Rhynard to continue to serve as delegate representing Ohio Boards of Education.


Dayton Board of Education Vice President Jocelyn Spencer Rhynard has been reappointed to a two-year term as a delegate for the Ohio School Boards Association’s Federal Relations Network after successfully completing an initial year of service. 

The Federal Relations Network is composed of school board members who aim to build strong relationships with each member of Congress and keep elected officials informed about the school board perspective on American public education. Two school board members are selected for each congressional district. 

Delegates are selected by the Chief Executive Officer of the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) and reappointments are based on whether delegates fulfill their responsibilities. OSBA expects delegates to host regional or in-district meetings with their members of Congress, respond to calls-to-action from OSBA’s Division of Legislative Services and the National School Boards Association (NSBA), attend Federal Relations Network meetings and attend the NSBA Advocacy Institute in Washington, D.C. 

Over the last year, Rhynard and the FRN have focused on urging members of Congress to support legislation that would address the national teacher shortage, the IDEA Full Funding Act, the lack of quality high-speed broadband in rural areas of the country, as well as other pieces of legislation that are crucial to supporting public education and teachers. 

“This work is not about my personal agenda, but really working with the Ohio School Boards Association and National School Boards Association to defend and strengthen public schools,” said Rhynard. “As a delegate, I look forward to attending the NSBA Advocacy Institute in D.C. every year as well as to continue communicating with my member of Congress on a regular basis to benefit all of the public schools in the region.”

Rhynard said she is looking forward to continuing to advocate for public education and teachers throughout her next term, as many of the issues FRN delegates focus on are now more important than ever in the current COVID-19 environment. 


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