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DPS is closing gaps, improving achievement levels

Alexandra KincaidNews

The Dayton Public School District has returned to pre-pandemic gap closing levels, according to the Ohio School Report Cards released Thursday.

Rather than an A-F rating system, the Ohio Department of Education rated schools on a 5-star scale this year. Four schools received 4 stars in gap closing, including Charity Adams, Horace Mann, Roosevelt and Mound Street Academy. Nine additional schools earned 3 stars, including Belle Haven, Pontiz, Eastmont, Edison, Fairview, Kemp, Kiser, River’s Edge, and Stivers.

Gap closing shows how well a district and schools are meeting the performance expectations for students in English Language Arts, Math, and graduation. It also measures how well schools are doing to support English Learners to increase language proficiency, reduce chronic absenteeism, identify gifted students, and provide gifted services.

“We are very glad to see significant progress being made on gap closing,” said Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, Superintendent of the Dayton Public School District. “There is still a lot of work to be done, but we already have effective strategies in place to continue this upward momentum. As we continue to implement the recovery efforts that are proving to be effective, student achievement will continue to increase.”

Several Dayton Public Schools also scored highly in various areas factored into the gap closing component score, including the Gifted Performance Index, Gifted Progress, Gifted Services and Identification, English Learner Progress, Math Progress, ELA Progress and ELA Achievement.

The district’s progress can largely be attributed to the pandemic recovery efforts implemented last year. These efforts focused heavily on class size reduction to allow for smaller instructional groups and to provide students with more one-on-one support in key areas.

The district looks forward to the progress students will continue to make because of these recovery efforts, and is confident that students will continue on this upward trajectory.

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