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Q+A: Dr. Stacy Worley, Coordinator for the Office for Males of Color

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Dr. Stacy Worley is the coordinator for the Office for Males of Color. He joined the Dayton Public School District in August 2020 and has since worked diligently to improve and enhance the experience of students in the Males of Color Program. 

Students in grades 4-12 are welcome to join the Males of Color Program, which is designed to affirm, enhance, enlighten and inspire young males of color in DPS. 


What changes and improvements were implemented in the Males of Color Program this year? 

Stepping into a pandemic was a call for an urgent change as well as a need for structure. To connect with students in a virtual environment, Life Coaches were assigned virtual classrooms, which we call “Locker Rooms.” In addition to the virtual engagement, our Life Coaches go out in pairs to make home visits. At first, some of our young men were apprehensive, but once they met their Life Coach and the other young men, things took off. 

Socially-distanced in-person events and activities for students have been held throughout the year, such as a fishing event, a golf outing, and our Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Ambassador Training. These events have greatly helped students step out of their comfort zones and allowed Life Coaches to have positive engagement with our young men. We have also held virtual events, such as our very popular virtual Game Night. 

The students who completed the ambassador training will now connect with our younger students in an effort to assist their peers in and out of the classroom, while also strengthening their character and leadership skills. 


What transformation do you see in students who join the Males of Color Program? 

When a young male student joins the Office for Males of Color he will see, exemplified by our Life Coaches, brotherhood, integrity, scholarship, and honor. He will also see how modeling brotherhood, integrity, and honor will help him achieve an increased appreciation for scholarship, and then will recruit other young men to do the same.


Why is having an Office for Males of Color vital for DPS students?

I know the Office for Males of Color is vital for our DPS students mainly because it serves as a platform for calling attention to the issues our young male students endure. It also assists the systems to improve the quality of education for African American, Latino, Native, Turkish, Swahili, Caucasian, Italian, and other males throughout our DPS Community.  


What has been the most rewarding part about leading the Office for Males of Color this year?

The most rewarding part for me has been the engagement that I hear about from our parents, and watching the young men transform into positive young leaders. I receive phone calls thanking me for allowing our Life Coaches to make home visits and for the vital role they play in the lives of these young men. 


What is next for the Office for Males of Color?

We have some exciting activities planned for our young boys this summer. To learn about these activities as information is shared, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


How can students get involved if they are interested in joining? 

Any young man may join by contacting their school principal, Life Coach, teacher, or our office at (937) 542-3015. Our goal is to focus on building self-esteem, developing leaders, creating short and long-term goals, and engaging in positive race relations and dialogue. The program’s core values include brotherhood, scholarship, integrity and honor.

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