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Q+A: Joshua Gates, Advanced Manufacturing Instructor at Meadowdale CTC

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Joshua Gates is the Advanced Manufacturing Instructor at Meadowdale Career Technology Center and has been with the Dayton Public School District for two years.

Gates served in the U.S. Navy for nine years as a missile technician. He worked with complex mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and eventually became a Master Training Specialist Instructor for the Navy. After leaving the military, Gates pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and entered the manufacturing industry, eventually becoming a robotics instructor at Yaskawa, Motoman Robotics Division. There, he was a subject matter expert on Motoman Robotics and advanced operations, which included welding, material handling and system maintenance. 

What can students expect to learn in your Advanced Manufacturing class at Meadowdale CTC?

Students can expect to learn about multiple aspects of manufacturing throughout their time in the program. Students learn about part creation using Solidworks CAD software; Additive Manufacturing (3-D Printing); the setup, operation and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems; how to use basic hand tools; troubleshooting electrical components; Motoman and Fanuc Robotics systems programming; and much more. While in the program, students also earn industry credentials and certifications. 

What careers are students qualified for after completing this program?

Upon graduation, students have qualifications for a multitude of jobs ranging from a system operator, technician, maintenance worker, or potentially an entry-level engineering role. Students can also pursue a Bachelor’s Degree to enter a promising career as an engineer.

Why should students consider joining the Advanced Manufacturing CTE Program?

The manufacturing industry is growing, and so is the gap in skilled trades. In addition, pay has never been higher for entry-level technicians. Students who pursue a career in manufacturing will have in-demand skills and job security.

What is the most rewarding part about being the instructor for this program?

My job is rewarding for numerous reasons. Seeing the “wow factor” on student faces when they walk in the room and see all of the amazing equipment they get to use, and also witnessing the light bulb go on in their heads as they understand the concepts we are learning are extremely rewarding. 

In addition, building relationships and connections with students and bridging the gap between how to do something and their passion for learning are also very rewarding. Bottom line, I love what I do and can’t picture doing anything else. 

What do you hope students take away from their time in class with you?

I hope students walk away after graduation knowing that they have a promising future and that I will continue to be there for them to help in any way possible.

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