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Ruskin Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Alexandra KincaidNews, Ruskin Elementary News

October 15th is the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month. Throughout the month, Ruskin Elementary students learned about Hispanic countries, famous Hispanic Americans, and much more!

Each grade level participated. The projects are now displayed throughout the school.

  • Kindergarten students created Guatemalan worry dolls and maracas.
  • 1st grade students read “Across the Bay” and created “chiringas,” or kites.
  • 2nd grade students read “Dear Primo” and compared and contrasted the two cousins who lived in different countries.
  • 3rd grade students read “El BiblioBurro” and wrote their own narrative about getting books to children who do not have any.
  • 4th grade students read “Rosalia” and learned about the country of Honduras.
  • 5th grade students researched a country and created a poster to display their findings.
  • 6th grade students researched famous Hispanic Americans and shared information about what they are best known for.
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