A preschool student eats a piece of pumpkin pie.

Two River’s Edge Montessori classes meet 95% attendance goal

Alexandra KincaidNews, River’s Edge Montessori Elementary News

As part of the district’s Be Present for a Better Future attendance campaign, schools hold competitions throughout the year to encourage students to strive for excellent daily attendance.

In early November, two River’s Edge Montessori classrooms received pumpkin pie parties for winning the school’s October “Piece of the Pie” attendance contest. 

Each classroom was challenged to meet or exceed 95% attendance for the month. Classroom attendance was tracked weekly, and at the end of the month, two classes met the goal and received a party. 

Brandy Madden’s preschool/kindergarten class had an overall attendance rate of 96.2%, and Stephanie Leonhardt’s 1st-3rd grade class had an overall attendance rate of 95.52%. Students in each class celebrated their success with pumpkin pie, whipped cream and sprinkles!

According to Attendance Works, students who have good attendance have better academic prospects, are more likely to graduate high school and are more likely to go to college. Learn more about the district’s attendance campaign at DPSBePresent.com.

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