Grants Management and Compliance

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Dayton OH 45402
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of State and Federal Grants Management is to provide high-quality services, ensure compliance, and guarantee State and Federal grants supplement and align with the district's vision, initiatives, and programs.

The Office of State and Federal Grants Management is responsible for organizing and managing communications with the Ohio Department of Education for State and Federal Grant programming contained within the District’s Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan with the Ohio Department of Education. The largest grant managed is the Title I section of the Elementary & Secondary Education Act. (Also known as No Child Left Behind.)

Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services Program provides services to nonpublic school students in the Dayton area.

Auxiliary Services is a state-funded program that provides a variety of services and/or materials to students attending private schools. State law prohibits the private school to have direct autonomy with the money; therefore the Local Education Agency (LEA) serves as the fiscal agent for these funds. As the fiscal agent, it is Dayton Public Schools' responsibility to administer the program according to the guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Education. (Section 3317.06 and 3317.024 of the Ohio Revised Code).

Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
Parental Notification - Ohio ESEA Flexibility Waiver 
FY11 Title I Budget Overview 
FY12 Title I Budget Overview 
FY13 Title I Budget Overview 
FY14 Title I Budget Overview 
FY15 Title I Budget Overview

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