Your school nurse is a member of the educational team at each school. They establish and maintain a comprehensive school health program for every student.

Services provided by DPS school nurses includes the following:

  • Control of contagious diseases
  • Identification of health problems
  • Care of medically fragile students
  • Crisis intervention
  • Healthy environment
  • Health education  

Partnering with Parents

School Nurse Phone  Fax M T W T F
Belle Haven Pam Brissey 4253 4221 X X X    
Belmont Marian Doukoure 6553 6461 X X X X X
Charity Adams Melissa Gantz 5857 5841   X X   X
Cleveland Diane Miller 4347 4341 X X X X X
Dayton Boys Prep Tara Boone 5345 5841   X X    
Dunbar ECHS Tara Boone 6768 6761 X     X X
Eastmont Lane Reynolds 4535 4491 X X X X X
ECIP Anita Grove 3116 3391   AM   AM  
Edison Anita Grove 4553 4541 X PM X PM X
Edwin Joel Brown Jane Worthington 5754 5741 X X X X X
Fairview Debra Stier 4633 4591 X X X X X
Horace Mann Kris Martin 4897 4891 X X X X X
Kemp Diane Judy 5099 5091 X X X X X
Kiser Veronica Papio 6151 6131 X X X X X
Louise Troy Lisa Montgomery 4313 4291 X X X X X
Meadowdale HS Monica Howell 7100 7031 X X X X X
Meadowdale PK8 Melissa Gantz 5396 5391 X     X  
  Shannon Oberding 5396 5391   X X    
  Dawn Abbott 4998 4991         X
Ponitz CTC Judy Fehr 7236 7181 X X X


River's Edge Jill Hardenbrook 4685 4641 X X X X X
Rosa Parks ELC Ramona Donovan 4425 4391 X X X X X
Ruskin Lorena Rice 5688 5680 X X X X X
Stivers Peg Senne 7408 7381 X X X X X
Thurgood Marshall Dawn Abbott 6701 6611 X X X X  
Valerie Pam Brissey 5709 5691     X X X
Westwood Shannon Oberding 4998 4991 X     X X
Wogaman Veronica Horton 5895 5891 X X X X X
WOW Lisa Stangle 3609 3601 X X X X X
Wright Brothers Peg Sedlar 5985 5941 X X X X X
Reserve Nurse Adriane Himes              
Reserve Nurse Kathleen Hosner              


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