Related Services

The mission of Dayton Public Schools Related Services (Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, Interpreters, Mental Health Therapist, and Transition to Work Coordinators) is to provide students with an IEP or who are “ at-risk” with specialized support which may include modifications, accommodations, interventions and consultative resources.

Adapted Physical Education (APE)

Is physical education for students who display gross motor delays, gives students modifications, adaptations and basic introductions to life time sports and leisure activities.

Assistive Technology

Can enable children with disabilities to accomplish daily living tasks, assist them in communication, education, work or recreation activities, in essence, help them achieve greater independence and enhance their quality of life.


Audiology services identifies students with suspected hearing problems, fits and maintains audiologic equipment, makes referrals for treatment of hearing related issues, provides direct rehabilitative services to students with limited hearing. Audiology services also provides counseling and guidance to pupils, parents and educators regarding the impact of limited hearing.

Behavior Therapists

Provide behavior assessment and behavior plans to encourage positive student behavior at home and at school.

Braille Services

Braille instruction to blind or visually impaired students.

Case Manager/Parent Liaison

Assists Special Education parents in navigating through  the Special Education process through various means. Also, verifies “ Out of District” tuition contracts and invoices for Special Education students.

Educational Interpreters

Assist in facilitating communication by providing interpretation for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Interpreters also provide services to students attending extra-curricular school activities such as school-sponsored trips and athletic activities.

Health Services

Preventive, restorative, and health promotion activities for students.

Home Instruction

Instruction provided for students who are emotionally or physically unable to attend school.

Non-Categorical Preschool

Special education for children under the age of five experiencing delays in their development.

Occupational Therapy

Is therapy designed to support students who have physical and developmental deficits that require assistance with fine-motor skills that enables them to function more independently.

Orientation and Mobility

Services provided to blind or visually impaired students to enable those students to attain systematic orientation to and safe movement within their environment.

Physical Therapy

Provides various types of interventions to improve or facilitate a student’s functional mobility, independence, safety, and full accessibility to his/her education environment.

Psychological Services

Plan and develop school programs and interventions to meet specific needs of children through administering psychological tests and other assessment procedures.

Special Transportation

Includes travel to and from school and between schools using specialized equipment (such as special or adapted buses, lifts, and ramps), if required to provide special transportation for a child with a disability.

Speech Language Pathology

Services provided to students who display deficits in one or more of the following areas: articulation, expressive/receptive language, fluency, vocal quality. Services include: group screenings, individual diagnostic evaluations, direct therapy services and consultations with staff, parents and students.

Transition Services

A coordinated set of activities for a student with a disability that promotes movement from school to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, vocational training, integrated employment, continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation.

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