Office of Safety and Security

115 S. Ludlow St., Dayton OH 45402
Tel. (937) 542-7000  |  Fax (937) 542-7010

Anonymous Safer Ohio School Tip Line
Important Message Regarding School Safety
Straight Talk with Superintendent Lolli - Episode 2: Safety and Security

Chief of The Office of Safety & Security, Truancy and Hearing
Richard E. Wright II

Executive Secretary
Debora Wotring

Level IV Secretary
Karen Gildow

School Safety Police Court Liaisons
James Crutcher, A.L.I.C.E. Certified Instructor

Tracy V. Hines, A.L.I.C.E. Certified Instructor

Chiquith Smith, A.L.I.C.E. Certified Instructor

John Wortham IV, A.L.I.C.E. Certified Instructor

Security Resources Officer
A.L.I.C.E. Certified Instructors

Security Facilities Monitors
Jobie Milton

Matthew Cooper

Charlette Saddler

The Mission of the Office of Safety & Security is to provide a safe environment for teaching and learning through professionalism, compassion, and empathy.

The Objective of The Office of Safety & Security is to ensure the needs of the students, staff, and stakeholders are met with a welcoming presence, conducting ourselves as positive role models.

Motto: "Get Good At Something Worth Getting Good At"
Departmental Satisfaction Survey (Under Construction)

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