Community Education Councils

Dayton Public Schools CEC Bylaws
Family-Community Involvement Chart

The mission of the Community Education Council (CEC) is to promote parental and community involvement and family engagement in student learning, and to identify and develop parent leaders to engage and involve other parents in the education of all children.

The primary goal of the CEC is to serve as the school coordinating and reporting mechanism for parent, family, volunteer and community involvement groups who actively participate in the educational process in Dayton Public Schools. Specifically, the CEC, working with the building principal, will discuss and develop a family and community involvement plan that encompasses the academic, achievement, and building resource needs and activities. In addition, the CEC will assist members and groups in understanding their role in the partnership, give ways to communicate as equal partners in the education of all children, and provide oversight of the family and community involvement process.

There are Community Education Councils in all DPS schools. The CEC meets on a monthly basis. Want to become involved? Contact a DPS school today!



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