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About SchoolsPLP

DPS students in grades K-8 who opted for remote learning will use a FREE platform called SchoolsPLP for the remainder of the year. SchoolsPLP is a technology-based learning software in which students will log in daily to complete modules and assignments.

The program is self-paced, but students are expected to work on it daily. There are also tests and quizzes for students to complete periodically.

Students will learn and complete assignments on their own, NOT with a DPS teacher. However, SchoolsPLP does provide a teacher to answer content-related questions and a mentor to assist with technology.

Students and parents will be able to check progress at any time by logging into the platform. Each student will have a unique login.


Need Support?

  1. Use the messaging tab in the platform to ask your mentor for help.
  2. Use the help tab in the platform for many FAQs (orange tab on right side when logged in)
  3. Email
  4. Email our DPS SchoolsPLP coordinators, Christopher Perkins ( or Karen Lombard (