Student Education

With knowledge comes strength. At Dayton Public Schools, we seek to partner with our families to create the next generation of motivated, informed learners. Our Student Education menu features information on district testing and academic initiatives, including the DPS Academic Plan.


High school students can explore the wealth of scholarship opportunities available through our frequently updated listing. In addition, learn about supplemental enrichment programs available through local universities, such as Upward Bound, the Young Scholars Program, and Wright STEPP program.

You can also find details about our gifted program.


Ohio is one of 44 states that has adopted Common Core State Standards. Dayton Public Schools has spent several years working to transition our curriculum, instruction, and assessment processes to meet the high expectations of these standards.

Much of our work has also revolved around the district’s Race to the Top program, which focuses on standards and accountability, utilizing data, creating effective teachers and leaders, and turning around low-performing schools.

Blended Learning

For students who need a more personalized educational experience to succeed, Longfellow Academy offers a non-traditional approach. Students in grades seven through 12 earn credits needed to graduate with self-paced online courses combined with face-to-face interactions with a teacher.

Career Technology

The David H. Ponitz Career Technology Center represents a partnership between Dayton Public Schools and Sinclair Community College to create a world-class high school focused on four career pathways: art and communication, business and information technology, health and education, and engineering.  Students work in labs that simulate real-world, state-of-the-art work environments, and have the opportunity to earn free college credit while in high school and a $3,000 scholarship upon meeting all graduation requirements. Career Tech programs are available in all DPS high schools. View our Career Technical Education Opportunities.

Dual Language Instruction

Dual Language Instruction at River’s Edge Montessori PreK-6 students develop creativity, problem solving, and time-management skills with specially designed hands-on activities targeted at unlocking skills at specific stages of development. River’s Edge Montessori also offers dual language instruction (Spanish-English) for two selected classrooms, in the 6-9 year-old grouping and one in the grouping for ages 9-12. Ruskin PreK-8 School’s Spanish-English dual language program serves students in kindergarten through third grade. The three-year immersion program is designed to develop strong language and early literacy skills.

Early College

Thanks to a partnership between Dunbar Early College High School and Sinclair Community College, students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree at the same time. Our focused and qualified staff works with students to ensure they take the steps necessary to prepare for and master college-level work.

Early Literacy

At Louise Troy PreK-4 School, teachers use the best teaching methods available in the area of literacy to prepare young students to read and write well. It is part of our district’s commitment to meeting the requirements of the Third Grade Guarantee, ensuring that our students build a solid foundation for success in school and life.


Place-based Education

Connecting the classroom with the community, place-based education at Edison PreK-8 School and Wogaman 5-8 School immerses students in local history, cultures, geography and opportunities for community service. From taking soil and water samples from the Miami River for a science project to touring the Wright Cycle Shop for a lesson on history of mathematics, students are challenged to use their community resources to further their understanding of the world around them.


To succeed in postsecondary study and today’s global workforce, students will need strong science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. Students at Westwood and World of Wonder preK-8 schools, along with those at Thurgood Marshall STEM High School, enjoy project-based learning and a curriculum that integrates all four areas of study.

Single-gender Education

Charity Adams Earley Girls Academy and Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy offer K-8 students more freedom to explore their own interests and abilities without the barriers of gender stereotypes. Our boys and girls academics challenge students to explore their world and prepare for the educational challenges of high school and college or careers.

Visual and Performing Arts

At Stivers School for the Arts, students in grades seven through 12 pursue their interests in music, writing, visual and performance arts, along with a full range of quality academics. Students audition for admission to the school and make a full six-year commitment.


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