Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities abound.  All you need to do is study hard, get good grades, and apply! Remember, due dates are estimated.

A basic "how to" process for obtaining college scholarships can be found here.

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Accredited Online Colleges
This site is dedicated to researching, cataloging and publishing a database of every online program offered by an accredited college in the U.S. The database includes not only a list of institutions and programs, but also in-depth information on each institution, including the specific accreditations that each institution has. Free and updated annually.

AIA Dayton Architecture Scholarship
$1,000 to $4,000; Must attend a university with a NAAB accredited architecture program; Due mid January

Air Force Museum Student Writing Competition
$300 to $1000; Submit title by late December

Alpha Pi Chi National Sorority
GPA 2.5; Essay required; Due late April

American Business Women's Association
GPA 2.5; Essay and community service required; Deadline May 15

American Society of Military Comptrollers 
$1,000 -$2,000+; Due early March

Appenzeller Scholarship
$1000; Students pursuing a career in engineer; Due late March

AT&T Foundations
GPA 3.0; Due mid February

AXA Achievement     
First 10,000 applicants will be accepted; Due mid December


Better Business Bureau
See “Student of Integrity Award”

BGSU Freshmen Alumni Scholarship
Attend Bowling Green State; Major in Bio; Deadline early February

Big 33
GPA 2.0 (10th & 11th grade years); Deadline Feb. 24

$1,250 (four awarded); bio-science education focus; Due mid March

BK Scholars (Burger King)
$1,000 to $50,000; Due mid January

Ron Brown Scholar Program
Two deadlines: Early November and early January

Si Burick Scholarship
Must pursue journalism; Deadline March


Caretenders Scholarship
Essay required; Deadline May

Cargill Community Scholarship
$1000 to 350 students; Keyword scholarship; Deadline mid February

Central State/University Dayton Alumni
Application available through counselor; GPA 2.5; Deadline early April

CHS Foundation
Pursue a STEM field of study with interest in agriculture

University of Cincinnati Cincinnatus Scholarship Program
Attend UC; Deadline early December
A portal for applying to college over the web and will link to scholarship search.

College Outlook
A source for high school students conducting a college search or preparing for college life.

Mary E. & Roderick F. Condon II Scholarship
Study fine arts; Essay required and portfolio of six images of your artwork; Deadline mid March

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
GPA 3.5; ACT 26+; Deadline early November

Co-Op Scholarship/WACE
Attend WACE partnership school; GPA 3.5; Deadline mid February

Robert A. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
GPA 3.0; Primary member of General Electric Credit Union; Essay required; Deadline early January


Day Air Credit Union
$1,000 (two awards); Deadline mid February

Dayton Catholic Women’s Club Scholarship
Female of the Roman Catholic faith; $1,000 (four awards); Deadline late March

Dayton Education Association Scholarship

GPA 3.0; Major in education; Application available through counselor; Deadline late April

Dayton Foundation ScholarshipConnect 

Scholarship and college readiness resource

Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program

GPA 3.0; Major in education; Application available through counselor; Deadline late April

DP&L/Vectren Energy Scholarship
Parent must be DP&L or Vectren customer; Interest in energy related field of study. Deadline April


Elks National Foundation: Most Valuable Student Scholarship
Deadline: November

Enterprise Essay Contest
Martin Luther King essay; Contact Lori Fisher (614) 921-2417; Deadline early January

Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
GPA: 3.0; Submit short biography and essay; Deadline January

Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris
Essay required; Underrepresented student pursuing a degree in science, mathematics, technology, or engineering; GPA 3.0; Deadline early April


Fairborn Art Association
Submit art photos; Pursue a career in art; Deadline April

Fanny Vought Fink Memorial Scholarship
Single mother; GPA 2.0;  Deadline mid March


Students can match their background automatically with the eligibility requirements for scholarships.

FEO-Ohio STEM Scholarship
Pursue studies in science, nursing, technology, electrical or mechanical engineering; GPA: 3.25; Deadline April

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
All students interested in financial aid for college will need to complete this form.

Free 4
Search for scholarships by type such as major, state, minority, etc. The site also has a discussion board, a chat room, games and contests.


Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.
Essay required; GPA 2.5;  Deadline mid February

Jesse and Laverne Gooding Scholarship
GPA 2.5; Essay required; Active in community; Deadline early October


The Hundred Club
A child of a full-time member of the police or fire department; GPA 2.5;  Deadline mid March


Inclusive Corporate Affinity Network (iCAN)
GPA: 2.5 unweighted; Essay; Deadline: February


Lois Ann Johnson Scholarship
Pursing degree in disability services; Deadline mid February


Milton Kantor & Brothers Scholarship Fund
GPA: 2.5; Financial need; Deadline mid March

Martin Luther King Art, Prose and Poetry Contest
Deadline early January

Martin Luther King Essay Scholarship
Deadline November

Kiser High School Alumni
Attended Kiser Elementary; GPA 3.0; Deadline early April

James Kura Memorial Scholarship/ Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Essay required; GPA 2.5; Deadline March


Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship
Essay; GPA: 2.5; Deadline June 

Lift Parts Express Scholarship
Essay; GPA 3.0; Deadline June

Leo Lucas Scholarship (Ohio Black Caucus)
Autobiographical statement required; Deadline: March 


Madden Women’s Association
African American female; GPA 2.5; Essay required; Deadline mid April

Miami Valley Chapter Credit Union League
GPA: 2.5; Deadline early February

Montgomery County Association of Police Chiefs, Inc.
Major in law enforcement or criminal justice; Essay required; GPA 2.5; Deadline early March

Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial Scholarship
Deadline mid March

Mensa Education & Research Foundation
Essay Required; Deadline mid January


National Exchange Club
Evidence of overcoming significant barriers to social/academic development; two student narratives; Deadline mid March

Newcomer Funeral Homes & Crematory
Pursue degree in Nursing; Essay; Deadline Jan.


Odenza Marketing Group
Essay Required; GPA 2.5; Deadline: March

Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools
Nominated by current member of Ohio legislature; GPA 2.0; Deadline early April

The Ohio Council of Deliberation
Essay required; Deadline May

Ohio Newspaper Foundation: Minority Journalism Scholarship
Attend Ohio college or university; GPA 2.5+; submit 750 word paper on your career goals; Deadline late March

Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP)
Essay required; Deadline March 

Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors Emerging Leaders Group
Grades 10-12; Attend a 2 or 4 year college and study in a field related to construction
Deadline: Feb. 

OSBA Black Caucus Leo Lucas Stipend Award
African/American; GPA 2.5; Deadline March


PACE scholarship workshops (PDF)
Local agency offers free workshops on a variety of college-readiness and scholarship topics for high schools students and their families.

Pearl A. Dale & Audrey Parker Scholarship
GPA: 3.0; Minimum ACT score of 21; Essay; Deadline mid March

Deadline mid April

Pfeife Smith World Affairs Scholarship
Administered through The Dayton Foundation; Attend University of Dayton, Wright State or Sinclair; strong interest in world affairs; Deadline early March

PIEF Scholarship
GPA 2.5; Attend school in Ohio or Northern Kentucky; Study graphic communications; ACT scores; Deadline last day of February

Prince Hall Scholarship Foundation
Essay required; Deadline June 

Profiles in Courage
Essay; Deadline early January


Ruth Richardson Memorial Scholarship

Jackie Robinson Scholarship
Minority; Community service; SAT score of 1000 or ACT score of 22; Deadline late March

Rumpke Recycling Scholarship
DPS students only; Essay required; Deadline March


Superintendent’s Student Senate Scholarship (DPS)
GPA between 2.5 and 3.0; Recognized as a leader; Essay required; Deadline early March

Sisters in Christ Chorale
Christian; GPA: 2.5 thru 3.0; Essay required; Deadline early March

Pfeife Smith World Affairs Scholarship
Attend University of Dayton, Wright State or Sinclair; strong interest in world affairs; Due early March

Student of Integrity Award (BBB)
Essay; Deadline March 1


U.S. Bank Scholarship Program
Runs October thru March

Universal 1 Credit Union
Deadline mid March

University of Dayton School of Law
Essay required; Community service; GPA: 2.5; Deadline mid March


Franklin B. Walter
Referral by counselor; Deadline early February

Westmont Optimist Club
Essay on "How Dreams Lead to Success." Email:
Deadline Feb.

Women’s Alliance, Inc.
Essay required; Photo; Deadline early April

Ray Wright Memorial Scholarship
Currently work at McDonald's; GPA 2.5; Deadline mid March


Elizabeth Yox
Female student who has given birth; Essay required; Due early May



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